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In creating a roof structure with a space frame and glazing panels. I've fumbled with the best way to do this the better part of the day. I've tried making a roof family but this doesn't seem to work right. I've also tride making a curtain wall but I can't get the verticle members in without making each one seperate and thus its not really an assembly where the top and bottom surfaces move together.

Does anyone have any idea the best way to tackel the frame problem? There has to be a better way than making a structural module and arraying it and putting a roof over that. There's very little online about this task beyon some bad rfa files.

Feb 24, 10 10:32 pm

Thanks Harold, Im still rather new to Revit and pulling my hair out every day with every task

Feb 25, 10 10:15 am

That second link is great, I wish the $5000 out of the box software package came with that useful tool for 3d structure.

Feb 25, 10 10:22 am

Unfortunately that first link is for a panel I can not load into my project. It's apparently much more than just a panel.

Could Revit be anymore overly complicated?

Feb 25, 10 10:53 am

Divided surface is the way to go! Still though, ultra complicated

Feb 25, 10 11:22 am

But the second link is really about using a CAD file to create Revit geometry. Which is useful, but not ideal for space frames. You want it to recognize units that are more comprehensive than individual pieces and it has no parametric capabilities at all.

2step, the first link will work with the conceptual mass family. I was able to make it work when getting the embedded panel family from the conceptual mass family, and not using the panel family directly.

Revit isn't necessarily overly complicated... I think it just requires a very specific workflow to achieve what you want. Which most people would say is a bad thing, and I would tend to agree. But if you look at Revit as a tool to achieve what you want, it seems less like a negative issue.

Feb 25, 10 11:33 am

Ive only been using Revit for 8 months so most tasks beyond walls, floors and simple roofs are are cumbersome - I also am by myself so I dont have people to ask questions.

Maybe we need a Revit Central thread.

Feb 25, 10 11:53 am

I was thinking the same thing, and suggested it before, hell you can start it if you want. But I would think it would be more valuable to call it BIM Central Thread in which Revit is one of the topics we can discuss.

Feb 25, 10 12:06 pm

So I made my surface geometry in Rihno, and exported it to a SAT file and then created a mass family with the SAT file and inserted that into revit. Now I cant surface divide the mass though to create panels. However if I did an in place mass I can surface divide.

Is there a method to importing surface geometry to Revit where you dont need to bring it in as a mass first?

Feb 25, 10 5:06 pm

another vote for "BIM Central"

Feb 26, 10 10:57 am

Oh what the hell. I'll make one.

Feb 26, 10 12:02 pm

The problem with BIM is that Im on the 3rd day trying to make a roof. I understand this is powerful software but I really feel its like taking a Ferrari to the store to get milk.

Im on month 8 over using this every day, Im not seeing the benefits beyond quick schematic design study models.

Maybe some of the BIM users could explaine again the promise?

Feb 26, 10 12:18 pm

ANYone who has ANY problems with revit, you should come visit this revit chat room. At least 5-6 people are here every work day and sometimes even on the weekends:

click the server
button - the server address is:

Make a nickname for yourself and click "go" Then ask away.

I tend to be there from noon - 5 or 6pm PST

The guy who runs the chatroom is the same guy who made this Revit Tip Of The Day website.

Feb 26, 10 1:13 pm

2step - Im not really sure what you are trying to do. We can talk more easily in the chat room and I we can try to help you out. Its all REVIT all the time.

You need someone you can ask a question to and get an immediate answer...thats how I learned so fast and now I teach the office about BIM and how we impliment it though the office. Come to the chatroom - we'll help you out fer sure.


Feb 26, 10 1:16 pm

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