Any current M. Arch students at Pratt or Parsons?



I just got accepted into the 3 yr program at Pratt and Parsons, and I'm still not sure where to go. Are there any current students that I could talk to at either school? I am looking to know things like:

- What you like about the program/things about the program that could improve

- What is the culture like? How are your relationships with your professors?

- How much assistance does the school provide with applying for internships?

- What kind of projects are you working on?

I've been checking out their websites and reading other threads here, but some of them aren't that up to date anymore. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much.

Mar 20, 14 2:19 am


I'm a current m. arch student in my second year and would be happy to answer the questions you posted and any more you might have regarding the school, living in NYC, etc. Probably best to email me and we can talk through that forum. I'll look for your message!


Mar 21, 14 3:47 pm

Email sent! Thank you :)

Mar 21, 14 5:53 pm

Alex Stewart, 

Are you at Pratt or Parsons?


Mar 26, 14 6:04 pm

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