MArch offers of admission UW Seattle, VT - Anyone hear back yet?


I applied to University of Washington (Seattle) and Virginia Tech MArch program but have yet to hear back. And I couldn't really find much information about any date to expect an notice by. Has anybody heard back, or know any info? It seems many MArch programs are notifying about offers of admission right now, having received informal emails with offers from Oregon and UMich already.

Any info to ease my mind would be appreciated. 


Mar 7, 14 2:47 pm

I received an unofficial acceptance letter from V-Tech on 3/6 to their M.Arch 3 program, however no funding or official letter from the graduate school yet. 

Mar 9, 14 12:23 am

Congrats! I applied into the MArch 2 program, so maybe they haven't sent out offers yet. I've gotten informal letters from all of the schools I applied to except UW Seattle and Virginia Tech. And most of them require a decision by early april. So its not giving me much overlap to decide. And I have only received one letter so far detailing the financial aid/scholarships as well.

Mar 11, 14 3:21 pm

Still haven't heard back from UW Seattle as well.

Mar 11, 14 3:26 pm

VT posted online notifications, but they're not on the same platform where you submitted your application. It's fairly convoluted with a new login account, etc. Just call them and ask.

Mar 11, 14 3:44 pm

Are you referring to the guest account that they instructed you to set up? 

Mar 11, 14 3:52 pm

I received notification (rejection email) from UW on 3/6.  This was from the MLA program though.

Mar 11, 14 4:12 pm

Yea, that one. I must have not noticed their instructions to do so originally.

Should say your status right on there.

Mar 11, 14 4:48 pm

Well, it's a bit confusing. What kind of application status is "Return to Grad School"? It shows the admission term as Fall 2014 and the admission type as "Regular Masters".  

Mar 11, 14 4:59 pm

That's strange. I'd call and speak with a live person.

Mar 11, 14 6:43 pm

Mine says the same thing as Texag. Quite odd indeed. I just assumed that didn't mean anything but I could be wrong. 

Mar 11, 14 7:04 pm

Just checked the application status again, and it seems VT has updated it within the past few days. Now it says that I have been accepted, instead of "Return to Grad School". It also said that they would sending a formal letter through the mail, and didn't mention anything about an email notification of any kind.

Mar 15, 14 12:27 pm

I would recheck your email. I got an email on Thursday. Also, I sent an email to UW-Seattle, they said they were just finishing up their admissions process. They plan on starting to send out batches of decisions starting Tuesday. 

Mar 15, 14 1:13 pm

Just a heads up... UW-seattle sent out some admission emails yesterday. 

Mar 15, 14 6:56 pm

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