City of Los Angeles 3d model??


Does anyone have a 3d model of the city of Los Angeles that I could use?? Or know of where I could possibly find one for free online.

If not, does anyone know if its possible to save a whole city in Google Earth and import it into Sketchup??

Much appreciated.

Jan 7, 10 4:33 pm

This works, but it is tricky and the models are pretty bad:

Jan 7, 10 6:47 pm  · 

UCLA has something called the Urban Simulation Team

They have lots of LA models

Jan 8, 10 1:38 pm  · 

I remember seeing a similar thread on this -- there was another app you can try, as well (which I haven't tried, myself)... here is the thread:

Jan 8, 10 7:49 pm  · 
Distant Unicorn

So, can I go into your office and ask for you to do free work?

Jan 8, 10 9:56 pm  · 

I know this isn't what you're looking for in this case, but, if you ever get a chance to see this beauty at the LA County Museum of Natural History, you should.

Jan 9, 10 1:13 pm  · 

@ citizen: that model is the coolest. last time i was there me and my friends were looking at it, figuring out what's in all those spots now.

Jan 9, 10 8:24 pm  · 

They had ArcGIS at my school and whenever i had a project in a metropolitan area, i used the software to download that city and export the areas i needed to a dxf.

Jan 10, 10 12:12 am  · 

I didn't think of ArcGIS!! Thanks everyone for your help.

Jan 22, 10 3:39 pm  · 

Did You try the Google Earth to locate yourself in Los Angeles...!
Try it.

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Mar 10, 10 1:11 am  · 
Dear Harry
Mar 10, 10 10:17 am  · 

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