A place to build your own website for a monthly fee


I am sure this has been asked but had no luck finding in past discussions. I am simply looking for some variety in a service that provides one to build their own website with the given tools that are present on their website/community website hosting. I am hopefully trying to find a place where there is a similar body of "creative work" (arch,design,art) . In the future i would like to construct my own with the aid of someones service. Yet at the moment money is an issue...if there are other creative solutions for posting ones work i would love to hear them....thank you much in advance

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Dec 9, 09 2:29 pm

why go for a monthly fee when you can go free?

Dec 9, 09 2:46 pm

btw, webs has a fully built-in html editor if you wish to have more freedom in designing your site. you need to choose "downgrade your account" after you've registered in order to use it.

Dec 9, 09 2:47 pm
orion super duper easy.

Dec 9, 09 9:54 pm

I second the vote for squarespace. It is super easy, support is astonishingly fast the product works flawlessly. I have asked questions via email at midnight and have an answer in minutes often with a video tutorial.

I remade my site in squarespace in a matter of hours and I am thrilled. They have lots of tools to make the site more "community friendly" too.

Dec 18, 09 1:22 pm

What happened to people writing their own HTML and CSS? It's pretty straightforward if you're not looking to create a very complex webpage.

Dec 19, 09 9:24 am
zen maker
Dec 21, 09 1:07 am
Dec 21, 09 7:20 am
knock out

it rocks...

Dec 23, 09 6:07 pm
zen maker
Dec 24, 09 1:30 am

Wordpress (hosted by them, free) worked well until I got it hosted elsewhere for ~$6/mo to not have the suffix.

I like the amount of documentation available online. It helped me learn css and html.

Dec 9, 19 8:45 am

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