Arch D or ANSI D

wurdan freo

I've always defaulted to Arch D, 24x36, because that's what I was taught.  But the more I think about it, ANSI D makes alot more sense, especially when you can print out a true half size set on 11x17. Any thoughts on either size.  I know a lot of you probably use 30x42. Not an option here. 

Feb 20, 14 4:48 pm
Interesting look at it. For my work (residential) I'm using 24x36. I've done a planning module that works on other sheets, but not considered how it might work if I started w ANSI D
Feb 20, 14 8:04 pm
Of course since I bought a linear mile of 36" paper, I'm not getting off this train anytime soon...
Feb 20, 14 8:05 pm

My prior work experiences have all used the 24x36/12x18 sizes but the current firm I work switched to ANSI D and 11x17 half set right before I arrived.  It makes sense cost-wise and there's really no difference fitting things layout-wise. I like being able to print half half-sets at 8.5x11 for quick sketching over of plans & sections.

Feb 20, 14 9:31 pm

The firms I worked for always used 24x36 and 30x42. We ended up buying 12x18 paper to print 1/2 size sets for in house use. That is very expensive paper too.

I like the idea of using the ANSI D paper size, especially if there is a cost savings. It makes sense to me.

Feb 20, 14 10:37 pm
wurdan freo

Just noticed that the revit default is 22x34. Since revit can draft better than me I will go with 22x34 ;)

Feb 21, 14 1:22 pm

Wow i'm shocked that you use the same terminology to describe that just an overall rule of thumb for autodesk itself?

Feb 24, 14 3:50 pm
Non Sequitur

Our large projects are on A0 sheets (841mm x 1189mm) but most are A1 (594mm x 841mm)




Silly America and its outdated measurement religion.

Feb 24, 14 4:38 pm

My standard sheet size is ANSI D (22x34), but I have a hard time convincing engineering and other design professionals on the team to use it. (Most use ARCH D 24x36).

And, yes, I'd welcome a decree that we shall all use A-series ISO sheet sizes.

May 13, 19 10:26 pm

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