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I been looking for a library of CAD blocks. I am tired of searching free sites for files that are not to scale and typically a mess. I found, it looks comprehensive. Has anyone bought the CAD-Pak product or knows of other good libraries?


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Nov 17, 09 3:18 pm

I typically use manufacturers cad templates, if I can find them. Otherwise, Cad Block Exchange Network is pretty good. But, like you said, a good portion of the blocks are either not to true scale or are in some other way faulty. Depending on the kinds of blocks you're looking for, I'd think going straight to a manufacturer would be the easiest solution. I personally would never pay for a block library.

Nov 17, 09 4:55 pm

CBNet is great for figures and more esoteric blocks, but manufacturers templates are usually pretty easy to get. Otherwise just be a trooper and insert a raster image of the cutsheet into cad, scale it, and make your own block.

What kind of blocks are you looking for?

Nov 21, 09 1:04 pm

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