Will Revit Certification help finding a job?


Does anyone know how much the Revit Certification cost?

Nov 29, 17 1:39 pm

just learn the program better and be able to say  I am a bim manager

Nov 29, 17 2:36 pm
Non Sequitur

Plenty of certification scams out there.  What gets you the job is experience. Gota know how a building gets put together first.  That's the hard part, software is a piece of cake.

Nov 29, 17 3:57 pm

I have been using the program for a while now and it is still my interest to obtain a certificate. I think I will not get more benefits than an autodesk logo in my emails. I just would like to know how much it costs for professionals.

Nov 29, 17 4:29 pm
Non Sequitur

have you called autodesk? They have plenty of certified 3rd party vendors who do the training.

I believe it would be more beneficial if we all go to as well, and see what the ratings are, from prospective employers, and what employees are saying about each company before you get hired... 

The former employees are commenting about the places they worked for or work for, and what kind of software they are using, such as auto-cad and revit, and how they like working there.

I believe employers will only pay closer attention to what's happening with their employees, and their thoughts, and aspirations, if the employer will get ratings and rankings for their companies...

Nov 30, 17 3:54 pm

"Minutia", don't get caught up in all of the minutia, revit or not, if you find a good job, they will train you when you have the right experience background!  Personally, I took revit 1,2,3 in a community college -  but I haven't found a good job yet!  I guess someone needs to be re-educated...

Nov 30, 17 4:14 pm

If you have revit and looking for work call 602-321-4949

Apr 20, 19 2:19 am

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