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 I'm planning to write my research paper on architecture or design for my english class. I have thought about some topics but I'm having some trouble finding an original idea because this research is not for people who are in the design industry. As it is going to be graded by my english language instructor, the research topic should be comprehensible to everyone and it should  concern daily life such as impact of architecture/design on culture or human behavior. I would like to know about your suggestions.

Feb 10, 14 11:56 am

How about the effect technology has on architecture? Read Martin Heidegger's essays/works.

Feb 10, 14 1:02 pm

i hear footing insulation is all the rage these days

Feb 10, 14 1:19 pm
Non Sequitur

Footing insulation is crucial in my area... don't understand why that's surprising to some. Not everwhere has the same weather and or codes.

To the OP, I assume this is more of an opinon piece instead of a research paper you're chasing. Perhaps you can take a building component (say a brick for example) and chase it's history and use in your city's important buildings. Architecture and Design are highly subjective subjects so you can rant for hours on anything and it still wont not be wrong or correct.

Feb 10, 14 2:02 pm

i don't think it's whether you have said insulation or not; the discussion seems to revolve around whether a small gap in insulation is allowable.  if you have continuous insulation on the exterior of the footing, there tends to be issues with finish at grade.  if you insulate the interior of the footing, you end up with a thermal gap.  also it seems there is some confusion as to whether it's possible to provide rigid insulation on the interior side of the footing while maintaining a continuous thermal break. 

Feb 10, 14 2:26 pm
Non Sequitur

I followed that discussion Curt but I doubt the the OP took the time especially since it's his first post here and that , he/she is only fishing for some high-school level essay topic. Don't want to mislead him/her into writing about insulation.

I have to deal with -40C degree winters and we still don't extend the insulation above grade if we want the concrete foundation to be exposed. It is often a benefit for there to be some heat loss at the foundation as that will maintain a few extra Ds in the ground and therefore reducing the lifting of the supports due to frost.

Feb 10, 14 2:35 pm

i know.  i just thought it amusing to move the OP in a direction that considers what architects are often actually thinking about, rather than something like biomimicry, which doesn't have as extensive real-world consequence.

Feb 10, 14 2:48 pm
Non Sequitur

...but I want my future palace/mansion to be shaped like a sea-shell bubble-matrix...

Feb 10, 14 2:51 pm

A lot of papers have been written on such subject as architechture, and that is why it will be really complicated to impress with something new. Good choice would be just to choose one appropriate subject and research it more deeply and in this way there is a good chance you will tell people something new about  it. 

Apr 27, 16 9:04 am

Could you help me make a thesis title for me? its about architecture..maybe some inventions

Jun 19, 16 10:30 pm
Goth Retail: The architecture of Hot Topic.
Jun 19, 16 10:46 pm

I'm currently living in one of the Sub Saharan region African countries (Swaziland) to be specific. With the countries geographical landscape of very high and low regions, whereby we experience temperatures as low as 5 degrees Celsius and high as 38-40 degrees Celsius. please help me out with topics suggestions on how to tackle insulation issue for existing buildings in Sub Saharan Africa.

Aug 31, 17 10:15 am
Non Sequitur

What's the problem? Insulation, vapour & air control, and solar orientation are not new concepts.... and by the way, 5C is not low. I have to design for -40C to +40C. 8-)



Aug 31, 17 10:40 am

Architectural Design Competitions 

A lot of publications to cite for the effect of design competitions on the built environment and the profession.  Think Maya Lin and the Vietnam Memorial and the Harold Washington Library in Chicago. Lots of books and articles on this subject so you won't have too much trouble researching and it should be relatively straight forward and a conversation free of jargon and topics so thick into the weeds like foundation insulation that most people should be able to understand.

Hope this helps

Peter N

Nov 14, 17 9:12 am
I'm not a robot

I suggest you write about how zoning required parking minimums are not based off of actual utilization rates (or any science) and make traffic problems (and car dependency) worse in most cities. Not to mention add cost to projects making new housing even more unaffordable in high-cost cities. Good place to start would be Shoup’s book on parking.

Rule number one is you usually don’t have a building if you can’t get the parking to work. The ultimate goal is to right size (or even eliminate) parking need.

Nov 14, 17 10:22 am
I'm not a robot

Parking and traffic is the one thing everyone complains about in zoning hearings. These concerns are usually based on the problem that there is a dearth of other transportation choices, and no plans from gov officials for weening people off cars. You’d think that high multi-modal usage places like Amsterdam and Copenhagen are immune to these complaints, but with any project that goes through a public hearing process there is always someone concerned about traffic and parking even in these cities.

I'm not a robot

Just a warning: This is a rabbit hole subject.



i am a student of B.Arch from India and i have to start and do research on a topic. My topic is Can architecture sustain water? 

so can someone please help me where to start and how to write a research paper ??

Feb 18, 18 4:17 am
Non Sequitur



Start with a statistic that will scare the reader so they start using their reptile brain. it works for republicans.  For instance, you can say socialist Scandinavian countries are making it so the government is controlling everything, and in fact, compared to the free countries like the USA and GB, Scandinavian citizens only are able to consume 25% of water each year of the average American. This is because the corrupt bureaucracy and inefficient distribution by centrally controlled water planners. blah blah blah. then get into architecture and how green initiatives are actually covert propaganda by the UN. This part is easy so I won't go into detail.

Feb 18, 18 9:52 pm
mahanth yadavalli


im a student of b.arch from india.i need yours help on knowing what is an architectural  deign thesis ? and what are the expectations of it from students at bachelors level? and how to choose a topic?and considerations to be taken while choosing the topic?please reply asap.

Feb 19, 18 12:49 am

If you don't know [it] by now (If you don't know [it])
You will never never never know [it] (No you won't)
If you don't know [it] by now
You will never never never know [it]


hi iam student Msc in architectuer,i have problem to choose topic about my thesis i suggest the (usability) but ithink its not very interest !! i hope czn find interest topic about design study in architectuer cause ihave presentation of proposal at sunday

Feb 28, 18 10:53 pm

i hope you czn too !! best luck findings

Non Sequitur

Don't worry, you'll do just great.



I am a student of B.Arch from Ethiopia. I am doing my thesis on Drug Rehab Center for street youths. I need to make my title more interesting, can you help?

Mar 19, 18 2:51 am
You could write about the importance of public spaces in architecture or, feminism in architecture
Mar 19, 18 9:37 am

Or public feminism in architecture

Non Sequitur

or feminist spaces in public architecture

or feminist architects and public spaces


any topic suggestion for a quantitative research on architecture or engineering, your suggestion will help a student here, thank you!

Jul 22, 18 8:41 am

oh, thought by the title you were designing a ‘Hot Topic’ as in the shitty store in the mall. 

Jul 22, 18 2:54 pm


I am a fresh graduate Arch from Vietnam. Currently, I have a problem to define my research topic " Understanding solar radition, naturally ventilation, indigenous material in residential building adapt climate change. It aims to apply for scholarship. Could you mind giving me some clues? Thank you so much.

Sep 26, 18 4:50 am
Non Sequitur

Here’s a clue, you’re not getting that scholarship. Do your own homework you lazy hobo. That’s why you’re in school. Don’t cheap out and crowd source your research topic.


Hello Non Sequitur. In franking speaking, I did nothing wrong here, I posted something that really necessary for my future career. Currently, I work as an architect in Vietnam, please respect me as others do. If you cannot give advice, please don't use the rude words to other. Thank you,sir

Non Sequitur

Jesus fucking christ on a pogo stick... You're a student, not an architect and as a student, it is your responsibility to do thoughtful and intelligent research. Asking for answers in an online forum for exceptionally basic questions si beyond lazy, hence my very accurate comment regarding the fate of your scholarship application.


Sir, do you know English is not my mother language. Maybe I do not use the right word in this situation. Now, I know why you said that:" on a pogo stick​". I'm no longer a student. I signed to log in the website. That's it. Have you ever learned a new language? What would you think if you were me in this situation? Here I'm looking forward to gaining knowledge, not an argument, sir.

Non Sequitur

English is also not my primary language. What I would think if I were you? Why is that important? The questions you asked earlier are super easy first year environmental-studies type problems. This should not be a problem to anyone claiming to have graduated form an architecture program.


This topic is getting hotter and hotter!


Randomised, Yes, I know that. We see eye to eye on how important it is. It's a new trend in developing country and to takcle climate change. Let me know if you have any idea. Thank you


I was talking about the heated discussion...


Any suggestion about outstanding master thesis topic ? 


Oct 31, 18 11:54 am
Non Sequitur

Do your own research you lazy bum.


A topic could be how modern architects in training outsource to the internet instead of looking within for creativity and conceptual thought.

Non Sequitur

^I would read that paper.

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