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Cornelius Marshal


I am Marshal Yang, currently a year 1 architecture student in National University of Singapore (NUS). I would like to go out for internship during my semester break (May - July) to get working experiences and some pocket money. :) 

The reason why I specifically want small firms is because I feel that I can learn more things. Can anyone suggests where to get internship in small firms?

It will be much appreciated if anyone can help me. :) Thanks!

Yours sincere,

Marshal Yang

Feb 6, 14 1:52 pm

dear Marshal,

I am also an architecture student from India seeking for internship at Singapore which is to be started in June 2015. I'll appreciate if you can share the information about firms to me. Mail me @

Feb 26, 15 1:35 am

Dear marshal and zahewra,

I read your post and  I'm also an architecture student 4th year from India and it would really be helpful if you can share your information with me.My email id is as follows :

Mar 14, 16 4:23 pm

How are your BIM skills? 

Mar 16, 16 12:07 am


I am krishnamurti Panchal, currently a 4th year  architecture student in S.s.s.M's C.O.A,SOLAPUR  (INDIA, MAHARASHTRA) . I would like to go out for internship to get working experiences.

The reason why I specifically want small firms is because I feel that I can learn more things. Can anyone suggests where to get internship in small firms?

It will be much appreciated if anyone can help me. :) Thanks!

Yours sincere,

krishnamurti Panchal.

Apr 28, 16 5:53 pm
Non Sequitur
Kris, contact Rick Balkins in Astoria, Oregon. It's the smallest firm around and chances are, you'll do most of the teaching. Plenty of exciting theatre and event space design.
Apr 28, 16 6:13 pm


I am Sukan, currently a 4th year architecture student in M S RAMAIAH INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Bangalore (INDIA). I would like to go out of India for my internship to get some experiences. If it's a small firm it will be better us I get to learn a lot. 

Can some one suggest any small firms to get internship ???

It will be much appreciated if anyone can help.

thank you

Yours Sincerely


May 27, 16 8:00 am


I am Sugan, following M.Sc in Integrated Sustainable design in NUS. The programs will be finished coming December  2016. can I do an internship in your firm? please send your reply to please  

thank you.



Jul 24, 16 10:28 pm

Develop your Revit skills and go work for a large main con instead. After you've put in a 3-4 years (without job hopping) then apply to a small firm. 

Jul 25, 16 2:59 am

LITS4FormZ, great advice. Small firms are hard, you need to be up with production to work there.

Jul 25, 16 2:28 pm
some one


I am Shivansh Pandey, pursuing my b.arch degree from birla institute of technology, ranchi.

i am much interested in doing my 6 month essential internship from abroad.

what wold be the best option for me and in which firm i can apply.

currently studying in 5th year.

thanking you,

Shivansh Pandey

Sep 11, 16 2:33 am
Cas Esb

wtf is this open pls hire me thread? lazy people

Sep 12, 16 10:13 am
some one

This is not about lazyness....its ol about discuss wid expertise and experienced people in our field....and thus we need our seniors...we are trying too by ourselves but a little help will lead to the success.

Sep 12, 16 11:35 am

You can do what I did, go the interweb and look for firms. If they are looking for people send them a resume. If they are not email them and ask if they would be willing to take your resume. This will likely lead to success. Also they are probably older than you so they will be your seniors and they will help you to be successful.

Sep 12, 16 2:49 pm
Non Sequitur

It's about laziness.

Sep 12, 16 2:53 pm
mohamed mahathir

Respected sir/Madam,

                              This is M.MOHAMED MAHATHIR pursuing my B.Arch (2013 -2018). Am looking forward to do internship in your esteemed office as an intern for the academic year (2016 - 2017), while going through your website the me to apply here as i am very hopeful to learn as well as to contribute as much as i can.

I would like to do During months (15th November to 31st March) intern in your firm  and Please go through my RESUME and give me an opportunity to showcase my abilities and develop my skills.




M.Mohamed Mahathir.

Oct 6, 16 7:24 am
mohamed mahathir

Oct 6, 16 7:25 am
Non Sequitur
Moe, this is not how you job search.
Oct 6, 16 7:31 am

hiiii my self kasturi from india... , working with the habitat architats from last 2 year ... i have knowledge of autocad ,revit architecture, stadd pro.........  soo please any body sugest me regarding internship in singapore.... soo pls contact me on

Oct 25, 16 2:48 am

Please note:

This is not how you search for a job. Please use jobstreet, jobsdb, job central, etc. 

I'm writing this from Singapore..........................

Oct 25, 16 5:56 am

Congrats L4F - you're now going to get absolutely rammed with schmucks messaging you for work!

Oct 25, 16 6:53 am

That's what spam accounts are for. 

Oct 25, 16 7:23 am

Respected sir/Madam,

             Am Second year architecture student from TAMILNADU,INDIA. In my fourth year (internship) i want to get intern in abroad especially Singapore . So plzz explain me what i have to do to get intern in singapore and also in which side i have to give importance ... 

Aug 16, 17 8:36 am
Non Sequitur

T his is not how it works


This thread is hilarious, curious if any one of those schmucks found an actual internship because of archinect.

Aug 16, 17 1:46 pm

Hi everyone, this is Mohamed Bessam ....Final year student of architecture from india...can anyone pls tell me about How to join - Masters in architecture at National University of Singapore and what are all the grades, percentage that we should get at the Bachelor....?

Yours sincerely,

Mohamed Bessam

May 1, 18 5:35 am

hello, I'm quite new to this. I would like advice or tips on how to apply for an internship at Singapore? What to look out for and the best way to approach being an intern in an architectural firm in Singapore? thanks. :)

Oct 15, 18 5:27 pm

I'd say look up some Singaporean architecture offices and call, write or email them. You're welcome!



I am a 4th year architecture student from India and seeking for a 6 months internship in Singapore from June 2019.

What procedure should I follow and if you can help me with some suggestions.

Apr 14, 19 11:20 am
Non Sequitur

This is nit how you hunt for jobs. Have you tried sending fruit baskets, or strippers, to a few offices along with your resume?

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