Architectural Association admission


Hello everyone,

I would be more than grateful if someone could answer me this few questions about the AA undergraduate program:

1. How long after the application deadline does it take to get a response of the acceptance or rejection?

2. How many students to they accept per year? I cannot find this information nowhere.

Thank you in advance!


Feb 4, 14 6:12 pm

It ranges, I didn't hear back from them about acceptance for an interview until 3 months after my submission; but I know others who heard back sooner.

As for acceptance per class, it ranges as well. I believe their increasing the size of the Foundation to 70 or 75, which will carry into First Year. And for transfers, there were about 15 Third Years and 4 Second Years that I know of. But again, it ranges year to year.

Feb 5, 14 6:03 pm

Hello AleksandarHarry,

I did applied for AA for 2014 undergraduate (2nd Year) and I've also send of the application on 26 Jan 2014. However until now i still did not receive any mails or calls from AA (17/3/14) .So should i worry? Just wonder had you get yr offer yet?

thanks = )

Henry Ngo 

Mar 17, 14 5:22 am

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