Best software to create a simple website


Need to create a website for my upstart office...Can anyone suggest an easy-to-use software? I don't need animations or anything flashy. I had some dabbles in Dreamwaver a long time ago, but apart from that I have no web design experience. Thanks.

Oct 1, 09 6:57 pm

Rationalist had a nice bit of free software you could use... Creates very nce, simple sites.

Oct 1, 09 7:06 pm  · 

diabase, umhh..pardon the ignorance...but "rationalist"? was dat?

Oct 1, 09 7:54 pm  · 

das me, of course! I've used Indexhibit for mine, but have lately seen Wordpress used to greater effect. Both are downloadable database systems that let you get by with a bare minimum of coding (yes, Dreamweaver is good for that part) and mostly just type in the text you want and upload images.

Oct 1, 09 8:54 pm  · 

We are using Wordpress for our mid level client sites. For super simple sites, we'll jsut use Dreamweaver and some hand coding. For advanced html based sites it'll be all hand coded.

I'd strongly suggest hiring a pro, but if you have no cash you have to do what you have to do.

Oct 1, 09 8:59 pm  · 

I think basic html is underrated, so I'd recommend notepad and copious use of 'view source'

Oct 2, 09 9:10 am  · 

das rationalist, thanks a lot. indexhibit looks pretty good...especially since it seems i could start with something relatively simple and then with time add more features, etc.

Oct 2, 09 9:26 am  · 

i agree with RLL: all you really need is notepad (though Dreamweaver is pretty nice)

Oct 2, 09 7:31 pm  · 
Mission St.

it is very easy. not terribly flexible but... very easy.

Oct 2, 09 8:55 pm  · 

i'll third notepad.

Oct 2, 09 9:13 pm  · 

I used the software that Yahoo gives you free if they web host for you. If you can use powerpoint, you could figure this out pretty easily. You can do a decent straightforward website with it.

Oct 3, 09 11:45 am  · 

I'll second, third and fourth

Oct 3, 09 12:46 pm  · 
not_here's hosting is cheap and good.

Oct 3, 09 1:22 pm  · 

i used dreamweaver and for really good step by step tutorials.. no experience necessary.

Oct 5, 09 1:02 am  · 

Try this :

Good luck

Oct 6, 09 9:31 am  · 

fluxbound, i am with media temple now. they have great customer service but are pricey. i have been getting loads of junk mail lately...although this might have nothing to do with the hosting company (or it may...not very tech-literate on that realm), but since i am actually paying for an add-on service that suppose to help in filtering junkmail, well i expect no junk at all....anyway, i've heard about godaddy's their customer service?

tenaciousA, i am giving it a go with indexhibit for now...but thanks for the link...looks good. i will also have a look into it.

thanks to all for the feedback. it has been very useful.

Oct 6, 09 1:04 pm  · 
philippe bodart

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Nov 16, 09 2:40 am  · 

domain mask to a blog.... just to get the ball rolling until you can get a full site up...

Nov 16, 09 2:46 am  · 

Code it yourself in notepad. Freedom!

Nov 16, 09 9:32 am  · 
knock out

Love it, simple, customizable CSS and tons of standard plug-ins like flash gallery, ftp, secure login and more. Cheap too!

Nov 17, 09 2:48 am  · 

I agree with knock out. Squarespace is amazing.

It is super easy, support is astonishingly fast the product works flawlessly. Because all of the editing is done online you dont need dreamweaver or any other editor.

I remade my site this summer and am very happy with the results.

Dec 18, 09 1:25 pm  · 


Oct 30, 17 4:51 am  · 


Really nice templates & it's free

Oct 30, 17 5:33 am  · 

Is  Squarespace better than Adobe Muse?

Oct 30, 17 4:50 pm  · 
Sorrowful Giuseppe

I have the same question. I have an adobe subscription and get Muse included. I want an option that allows me to create different categories such as academic works, professional work, writings and traveling photos. I wont my works distributed under those categories accordingly. I have not been able to find out either Squarespace or Muse allow you to do that. I don't want just dump my works in a website.

The same problem.


Good afternoon, I created my website using If done right and not using a template you can create a nice website with some cool simple features. The web interface is easy to use and they are constantly adding new features. Here's my site

Apr 17, 18 12:37 pm  · 

Try Wix or Wordpress

Feb 1, 19 7:01 am  · 

Squarespace is ok if you can live with their templates and typefaces.  We hit a wall pretty quickly when we wanted to customize.  If I had it to do over again, I would explore Wix and Wordpress more fully before committing to Squarespace.   

On the plus side, Squarespace is quite affordable and their GSuite setup for managing our firm's email accounts runs well about 95% of the time.

Feb 1, 19 10:10 am  · 

SQUARESPACE.  It’s easy and intuitive

Aug 17, 19 3:07 pm  · 

I built two websites using wix. Very good product. Easy to use tools and templates.99 bucks a year. The free version looks less professional imo. Godaddy is good too but when I tried it 3 or 4 years ago their audio and video plug ins didn't work well on a mobile device so I went with wix.  Very pleased. I'm a carpenter and an audio guy, no webmaster, but this is one site I built using wix  

Aug 29, 19 8:05 am  · 

I would recommend WordPress open source to develop the website.

Aug 29, 19 1:37 pm  · 

Learn Python. It's relatively easy to get used to and can be used beyond web design.

Sep 29, 19 8:19 pm  · 

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