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I am applying to grad school soon and was looking for more information of the acceptance rates and found this site What I find odd is that some of the acceptance rates they list seem way to high. What do you guys think? these are all specifically for the graduate architecture programs.

Pratt: 567 applicants, 51% accepted, 90 enrolled.

Arizona State: 174 applicants, 55% accepted, 41 enrolled.

michigan ann-arbor: 561 applicants, 49% accepted, 94 enrolled.

university of Illinoise: 368 applicants, 24% accepted, 76 enrolled.

Washington University: 248 applicants, 78% accepted, 61 enrolled.

University of Southern California: 126 applicants, 59% accepted.

I find it hard to believe that Pratt accepted 290 students and 200 of them declined. Is it possible that I am reading these wrong?

Sep 19, 09 12:29 am

Possibly the statistics are wrong. When I received my acceptance letter from Pratt, it stated that they accepted 14% of applicants. 290 sounds way too high, I think they accept around a 100 a year.

Sep 19, 09 1:38 pm

acceptance rates vary from year to year. and during economic recession you can expect more people going back to school. and it is logical for reputable schools to accept fewer students because more people are expected to attend, than regular state schools. those state schools tend to have lower "retaining" rates.

Sep 19, 09 2:53 pm

Michigan actually has their stats posted on their website, so you can compare them to what Peterson's says (I've always wondered if they're accurate too).

According to Peterson's, Michigan had 561 applicants, 49% accepted, 94 enrolled.

According to U of M, the MArch 2 year program had 400 applicants, 155 accepted, 59 enrolled and the MArch 3 year program had 161 applicants, 119 accepted, and 35 enrolled. That totals 561 applicants, 274 accepted (49%), and 94 enrolled.

So for Michigan at least, they were completely accurate, but the fact that all the MArch programs are lumped together can make it kind of misleading.

Here's the link to Michigan's own stats:

Sep 19, 09 3:33 pm

Holy crap, University of Washington (Seattle) had an 11% acceptance rate.


UCLA's rate is 30% (would've hoped for lower but it'll do).

Sep 24, 09 1:04 am

are grad programs really that big? I thought 50-60 was usually the max for enrollment, even at the bigger programs.

I can't imagine a class of 94...plotting for reviews must be a nightmare.

Sep 25, 09 9:55 am

tagalong: our grad school has about 115 students, but that includes all programs in the graduate architecture school (ie M.Arch 1, 2, 3, Phd, MS). The average class size of M.Arch 3 is 19.

dave: I think the NCARB website has an excel sheet listing all the acceptance rates. However, I doubt it's up-to-date considering the spike in applicant since last year.

Sep 26, 09 7:32 pm

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