Greenbuild Supertrip - San Diego, Phoenix, Vegas Suggestions?


I'm headed to Greenbuild for the first time this November, and have decided to make it into a week long, three city ordeal. I'm starting in San Diego (roughly 4 days), Phoenix (3 days), and finally Vegas (1.5 days).

Of the three I've only made it to San Diego before, and then didn't have much time for exploring. I'll have two days on my own there to do whatever, and will have access to a buddy's car if there's something I must see in the burbs.

I'll be at the conference most of the time blogging in Phoenix, but may take a half day to see the sites if there's something worth detouring for. Any archinectr's going to be there? I'm (sort of) considering hosting a RealLifeLEED party somewhere... Any particular bars/restaurants/cheap event spaces come to mind?

Vegas will pretty much be drinking with buddies, but if there's somewhere I must go between hangovers please share.

Hope to see some of you there!

Sep 14, 09 6:24 pm

come to 5th st a few blocks north, lost leaf, conspire etc

Sep 14, 09 6:43 pm  · 
Bruce Prescott

To continue the irony of Greenbuld in Phoenix, you really should rent a very big car and drive between the three cities...the landscape in between is great and seeing Vegas from the air kind of spoils the first impression. A good utopian should see Arcosanti, Taliesin and the Hoover Dam on the way.

Sep 17, 09 1:30 am  · 

Greenbuild in Phoenix? USGBC has really jumped the shark.

Sep 17, 09 8:30 am  · 

It's amazing how many people have made similar comments to 4arch... what's so wrong with Phoenix? To be clear, I'm asking out of ignorance, and have never really heard anything about Phoenix one way or the other...

Sep 18, 09 10:10 am  · 

First there's the inherent unsustainability of having a huge city in the middle of a desert. Most of the water must be brought in through a massive infrastructure that requires enormous energy inputs to construct and operate. The diversion of all that water to desert cities also has a deleterious effect on the lakes, estuaries, oceans, downstream.

It's also shockingly sprawling and lacking in density for those of us who are used to relatively compact eastern or mid-west cities.

Sep 18, 09 1:15 pm  · 
won and done williams

the whole pheonix area is a beautiful place that should have never become a city. the larger it gets the more grotesque and irresponsible it becomes.

oh, and i second spruce's utopian list:

A good utopian should see Arcosanti, Taliesin and the Hoover Dam on the way.

perhaps throw the salk institute in for good measure.

Sep 18, 09 2:21 pm  · 

Phoenix has always been a city and has a elaborate irritation system built by the Hohokam natives
sure the hoover dam water is excess and the new desalination project from the baja gulf is too
the isolation effects of having disconnected boxes is discouraging too
but the community of radical arts and the projects many great architects have endeavored to create here are a inspiration of what it could become as well as the new horrid gentrification of the new urban density projects
best to be here near the equinoxes (now)

Sep 18, 09 3:50 pm  · 

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