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Hi all,

Last year I graduated from my bachelor 'Building Technology' in Amsterdam. During my study I had to choose a specialisation, I have chosen Architecture. However this study/specialisation is more focused on the technology and rules here in the Netherlands. In my case I wanted to learn more about architecture but had to finish this study before starting an architecture master. During this study I was able to follow a program of 5 months in Delft (Technical University, architecture). After graduation I had the choice to go directly to Delft and begin my master of Architecture but I didn't.

In my opinion it was a better choice to take a year off because I want to learn more about the definition of architecture. Another argument why I took this year off was because I love traveling and decided to go backpacking in Asia and will leave around april the 30th. Before I go I wanted to finish my portfolio, website and some other architecture related projects.

Now my question is will you people criticize and give feedback on my portfolio.  Any comment and/or advise will be greatly appreciated.

If you are interested in my website, you can visit it by this link:


Also if you people want to know more about studying 'architecture' here in the Netherlands or have questions about 'dutch' architecture you can always ask me!

Jan 17, 14 3:58 pm

Phenomenal portfolio!

Jan 17, 14 8:02 pm

Very nice portfolio. I wish I could understand dutch to read about what I'm looking at.

I agree with your choice of taking a year off. I myself took 2 years off to work at a small but established architecture office in Chicago, which has provided me invaluable experience and also gave me the hunger to go back to school with a strong desire to continue learning. I too plan to end my job a few months prior to Graduate school this Fall so that I can go backpacking in Europe. I've been to Amsterdam, it is gorgeous. Prague, especially, is what I am looking forward to this time. Oh god I can't wait.

Anyway, very nice portfolio. I wish I could understand dutch to read about what I'm looking at.

- I think it would be neat to use your Photography section to show that you do indeed love traveling. Showing photos from Amsterdam is one thing, but then they know that that's where you live. You sound like you might have traveled a lot - showing photos of buildings that you have seen around Europe would go to show that you have seen the wonders of architecture from different views, not just from inside your home country. I'm assuming you have yet to go to Asia (going in April, not returning).

- I would put your quote that is on the cover to the inside of the cover. This will set the premise to what your about to show your reader, but I think putting it right on the cover might be a turn-off to some. Not sure exactly why, but it gave me a slight feeling of narcissism in that you are already trying to teach me about what architecture is before I dared to open your portfolio. I am actually a little guilty of this myself as I did a similar thing in my portfolio.

- Try experimenting with more drawing/photo captions. Again, to preface, I cannot read Dutch, so if all of the photos/drawings are explained in your paragraphs, that's good. However, a lot of the pieces that I see in the portfolio are just floating in space without any "caption" underneath where I feel there should be one. Page 23 and 36 specifically could use some words around the page to help explain what is happening.

Overall, very beautifully done. You make good use of full-bleed effects and very minimal design as to not distract from the material at hand, something that the vast majority of portfolios on this website suck at.

Good luck and have fun in Asia!

P.S You look like Avicii.. sort of.

Jan 18, 14 1:38 am

Thanks for the feedback and maybe in a near future I will translate my portfolio in English. Your feedback is really helpfull and I agree with almost most of them.

Last year my interests for photography has grown, and those photos are 'better' photography related. But you're right that this section could show more than it does at this moment, after my backpacking journey I will definitly change the selection.

I agree with the quote and already changed it to the inside. I understand that it could give 'a slight feeling of narcissim', thanks for this feedback.

About the captions, I think what you say 'very minimal design as to not distract from the material at hand' is also done in the captions. I think it is a presentation style I developed and maybe overdone 'less is more'. I will consider to add more captions, Thanks!

Haha, you're not the first one to compare me with Avicii!

Thanks for the kind words, and I will definitely have fun in Asia !

Jan 19, 14 5:17 pm

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