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I've just started working at a small design/build firm and they're using Chief Architect as their primary software. I hadn't heard of it before I started there and I was just wondering how prevalent the software is in the rest of the profession. Are many people using it?

Aug 23, 09 11:31 am

I've never heard of it either! How compatible is it with Acad? How is the user inter phase and is it difficult to use it?

Aug 23, 09 12:57 pm

there are many small d/b firms that like it. I do believe that it can dxf out and it does parametric modeling.

let me know how it works out since it may work out for us over Revit.

Aug 23, 09 5:49 pm

I work at a small d/b office and use Chief. It's somewhat like Archicad. It is a good residential geared parametric software with a cheesy name. The interface (or inter phase if you like) can be a bit cartoony. It's pretty easy to learn once you get the hang of how Chief looks for inputs (like using dimension strings to move things).

Aug 24, 09 7:54 am

From what I've experienced so far I think the best equation would be to say that Chief Architect is to Revit what Sketch-Up is to Rhino. I've been able to quickly knock out some basic plans and elevations but when I try to do something less traditional I'm hitting some limitations that seem to be built into the program. It definitely has its place in the spectrum of programs available but if it were my choice I think I would go for a program that is more robust.

Full Disclosure: I've only clocked a total of maybe eight hours with CA so my opinion is still really a first blush.

Aug 24, 09 10:04 am

I've started trying out Version 11 out of curiosity. I know this is a decade old post, but I'm curious if this has become any more or less popular as an alternative to sketchup or cad. 

Immediately I notice the examples are all nasty stone clad McMansions. On the one hand, I like the automation, but on the other you don't really think through the details since it does the thinking for you. 

Nov 11, 19 8:12 pm

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