Creating A Portfolio for Admission to University of Waterloo Architecture Program



I am a high school student in Trinidad and Tobago and I am applying to the University of Waterloo's architecture program. However, I am having difficulty in preparing pieces or rather deciding what to put into a portfolio if considered for the admissions interview. I did not take any art classes but I did do mechanical technical drawing which I have a portfolio of drawings involving a particular project. I am not musically inclined either, however I do write and am a very good literature student. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on what I could possibly include in my portfolio that would make me stand out taking my strengths and weaknesses into account. Architecture has always been my dream to study and it is very important to me to give it my all in my pursuits in being accepted.

Jan 4, 14 9:40 pm
Non Sequitur

ArchFan, I am a graduate of Waterloo and I have taught numerous design studios and interviewed hundreds of applicants. One thing to know is that the school does look for  portfolios that demonstrate the applicants way of thinking ie. sketches. So many students come in with 99% averages in maths and science only to be denied entry because that's all they have. Technical drawings are never considered unless the applicant has serious work experience.

The best way would be to take on many sketches in a range of mediums of your neighbourhood and assemble a good selection of them together. Another thing to know is that applicants are asked for in-person (or skype, although almost all make the trip) interviews. This is where your portfolio is graded.

Jan 5, 14 11:46 am

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