freaking out...late transcript! Don't know who to ask


Hi people, I am freaking out the deadline for M.Arch I is approaching especially that I found out now that one school requires the official transcripts to be mailed directly to them , besides the scanned ones which I already have. There is no way I can make it to the deadline, since everything is closed right now for the holidays! It's my fault, I haven't noticed the part when they said that they also require the official transcript to be mailed to them. All the other schools didn't......would it harm my application so much if they received the physical transcript in the mail later than the application deadline?has anyone been in a similar situation? 


I'd appreciate your insight! 

Dec 30, 13 9:10 pm

I'm applying this round as well. I'm very doubtful it will have any significantly negative effect on how your application is viewed. You already have a scanned copy, meaning they already have some version of your transcript for review, I don't think it would be a big deal for your physical copy to arrive a little later. Deep breaths - portfolio, letters of of recommendation and your personal statement are the real things you should be freaking out about imo.

Dec 30, 13 10:59 pm  · 

I had the same problem and I reached out to the school explaining the situation. They were very understanding. Good luck!

Dec 31, 13 11:54 am  · 

It will almost certainly be fine. 

But why are there so many folks who didn't understand their application requirements before applying? It's baffling to me that someone would apply to graduate school without knowing exactly what was expected of their application well in advance. 

Dec 31, 13 12:53 pm  · 


step 0. Take a breath and breathe.

Step 1. Contact the schools to get the transcripts mailed.

Step 2. Talk to the department admissions advisor. Provide him or her the unofficial copy and be clear to indicate the official transcript is being sent via mail. They'll add it to the file because in general, they don't immediately get started on reviewing the applications and portfolio as there is usually so e stuff that may still be in the mail arriving to them. They will usually accept the official transcript if it arrives late but only if it is in time for reviewing file. There is usually a week or two grace period so to speak. Just make sure everything else is submitted with an unofficial copy of transcript with note that official transcript is being sent. They will usually work with you and add it to your file. 

Step 3. Keep checking up with them that it arrived. They will usually work with you so....

step 4: take a sigh of relief.

Dec 31, 13 3:13 pm  · 

thank you so much everyone who responded! It's very helpful...

Dec 31, 13 4:46 pm  · 

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