what do i do with my models what do you do with your models


I have been studying architecture for a year now, I have accumulated some wooden models. I am cleaning up my space and belongings for the new year I want to get rid of everything that I don't need. These wooden models kind of take up a lot of space and are useless. However, I spent a lot of time on these models. They are not the best models, they are not on display anywhere nobody wants them.

I have them documented, I have a couple hundred pictures of them on my computer. I have added them to my portfolio with graphics and stuff. I have an indesign file that is my portfolio which is about 25 pages long (I have been trying to post on here but issuu is glitchy).

So..How Do I get rid of these pesky models? I can just throw them away right? They have sentimental value because I spent a lot of time developing them and they are my first architectural designs. I want to throw them away but I don't know how. 

How do you part with your work? What becomes trash what do you keep? 

Dec 26, 13 1:28 pm

copy the pictures onto a backup drive.

then, either throw the models away, or to be more ceremonious you can burn them publicly.  burning them might help provide some closure.   you can give a speech while they go up in flames.

Dec 26, 13 1:33 pm

Keep them until you have completed your architectural education.

Then, or along the way, photograph them and back up those photos.

Then, alone, or with your friends, jump on them from a low wall or wherever to hear them go "crunch."

Dec 26, 13 1:37 pm

Here is what I would do.

Document all of them obviously. If you can find the space I would store them until you are done with school, or at least for a year after each one is done. it is possilbe that you may find them valuable for re-documentaiton when you do your undergrad portfolio. After that you may wish to keep one or two but it's not really that relevant, I might burn them as effigies.

Dec 26, 13 2:11 pm

I thought that's what your parent's attic was for !

Dec 26, 13 3:06 pm

Maybe .... I dunno if they are even Good enough for the attic ha ha ha ha 

Dec 26, 13 3:19 pm

I Kind of want to burn them  

Dec 26, 13 3:22 pm

HAHA burn em down!!!

Dec 26, 13 3:26 pm

Shit is shit - next time just make models that deserve to be museum pieces in their own right so they have personal meaning and you know they have meaning to others.  

You answered your own question.

Dec 26, 13 4:47 pm

awesomekeith: "Maybe .... I dunno if they are even Good enough for the attic ha ha ha ha"

Then, it's definitely time for a "Bonfire of the Vanities".  Have fun !

Dec 26, 13 4:55 pm

What about  The ephemerality of architecture ? Shouldn't I be disconnected from my physical manifestations ? Even if I made the most perfect thing I want to be able to burn it right ? I am an ideas man ... Can a 3-D printer resurrect any model ? 

Dec 26, 13 5:15 pm

I hang them on my walls. At least the ones i like.

Dec 27, 13 1:45 pm

learn to let go.  nothing lasts forever.  everything dies.  that's the nature of impermanence.  that's the circle of life.  if you can't burn your models, you're too tied to your own ego, your own self-identity, and your past.  you need to move on.  it was never meant to last.

let go.  if you can't burn your models, you'll be tied to a misconception of yourself and you won't be able to move on and learn new things.

Dec 27, 13 1:51 pm

blow them up with fire crackers and small amounts of flamable liquid....real small amounts of flamable liquid....wear safety glasses, hearing protection and fireproof gear if doing so. oh ya keep a fire extinguisher handy just in case things get out of hand.....Main thing is have fun doing it.  Oh ya film it  so you can look at it later in life and say.....what a  nerd I was blowing up models.

Dec 27, 13 7:22 pm

learn to let go.  nothing lasts forever.  everything dies.

Yes, proof that one's models are not a "special snowflake," not even if they are white.

Dec 27, 13 9:08 pm
Looks like you're doing a great job at documenting. Kudos for that because sometimes people get too tired (and lazy) to document their project right after they finish it.

Just toss them. Be proud and feel good about it. That's what good designers do. Keep the gems only. After you finish your model, present your project, your model stars to die slowly. Objectively speaking, it will never again look as good. Things will get flimsy, you ll be getting dust...
Save your model from this agony and kill it right away. You will make something a lot better soon enough.
Dec 28, 13 6:41 pm

At the beginning of each term at my school, we gathered all the models still hanging around the studio from previous classes and placed them on the lawn next to the architecture building. Then, we'd go up to the 4th floor and take turns dropping a 20 lb. flywheel that always was around the studio on to these models -- it was spectacular fun.

Dec 28, 13 8:58 pm
i photographed the burning of my thesis model and included a pic in the document as an appendix.
Dec 28, 13 9:33 pm
Steven, I think that was mentioned during thesis. Hub Hobby took most of my thesis models. My advisor kept a couple, and I have a couple on my bookshelf at home. Everything else was trashed when I ran out of room/during moves/etc...
Dec 28, 13 10:05 pm
Young Architect

Sell them on etsy

Dec 29, 13 3:26 am

Put them outside so that they may become Centers for Ants.

Dec 29, 13 4:35 am

I would keep them until you need them for warmth. Once you are full submersed in the industry, and can't pay your rent or utility bill, you will wish you kept them for burning.

Dec 29, 13 8:23 am

"next time just make models that deserve to be museum pieces in their own right so they have personal meaning and you know they have meaning to others"


Ha! Good satire.

Dec 30, 13 9:19 am

Maybe you can recycle/reuse some of the materials: cut some of the large pieces and reuse them for another model?

Dec 31, 13 2:45 am
I documented all of my models and after that they became target practice. A couple of my favorites from my academic career survive in my office because I could never justify burning/blasting them to pieces.
Dec 31, 13 8:54 pm

wait til the 4th of July and blow them to pieces!!!!!

Jan 2, 14 5:52 pm

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