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my questioning is about what else portfolio should include besides renderings, sketches etc? for ex if we have also an interest in general art such as movies,literature,photography, it has no value? i mean to enter master programs or for any academic career? 

Dec 11, 13 11:16 am

If it's an important piece of who you are and what you value, include it. 

Dec 11, 13 11:25 am

thank you for your nice advice! 

may i ask that do you think it has its own advantage or good projects, computer&drawing skills are the keys and pretty enough to any good academic career ?

Dec 11, 13 11:44 am

In my experience hand drawing / sketching skills are a more fundamental (and more universally accepted) base that designers respect. Computer skills vary wildly due to the infinite diversity of software available and no two firms (or design teams, often) use the same package. 


For example, if you can sketch an idea on paper that gets across the way you think and what you have in mind for the design, it's a fantastic place to start, since pencils and paper are universal. But if you have renderings of the design without sketches, the person looking at the renderings may not own or use the same software.


Just a thought.

Dec 11, 13 2:22 pm

can you tell what software was used in a rendering sneakyP?

if its a work portfolio then i would recommend showing process. for myself I don't care if its digital analogue or just a bunch of models that you photographed. If its for university then same deal actually. portfolio is a narrative not just a collection of assignments.

if you are making films then yeah why not include in portfolio esp if it adds depth to your work and explains who you are better...if its just a project you did in class and doesn't say much except that you like film (or whatever) then i'd leave it out.

Dec 11, 13 8:09 pm

I cannot, for sure. But if I owned 3dsmax and revit, hired an employee for their rendering skills, then found out they used rhino and vray I would be disappointed.

Dec 12, 13 9:32 am
waleed subhi

OH !!!!!! Guys whatever the rendering skills are good , but the last word for an Architect !

and for the contractor after all , the pro designer  can't finish alone the whole work the must the architect says the last word as I said before, and controlling the architecture design ....

have a nice day 

Dec 12, 13 4:04 pm

What did I just read?

Dec 12, 13 6:08 pm

SneakyPete, thank you very much for your advice that i am totally agree with. Because my university is more into computer programmes,  i know that i am really lack of hand drawing. So as you said, it really may be the perfect start to study on hand drawing/sketches then redesign my portfolio by including them. 

Will Galloway, thank you very much for you advices, as well. It is really great point that you mention. Because now i see, i am really missing the process in my portfolio, it is mostly the latest presentation of my works.  Actually, the reason why i am interest in movies is more about my other interests like political, social, literature than architecture. In that case, i am not sure if i should include it since it does tell about me more, but not my architecture part. 

Dec 14, 13 1:56 am

Actually, the reason why i am interest in movies is more about my other interests like political, social, literature than architecture.

AND architecture. The field doesn't exist and function in a vacuum--the more you travel down this path, the more obvious social and political hurdles will be. It's easy to design something but getting it approved, funded, built without opposition, is the real struggle.

Include the movie (do they allow uploads or something?). Show your ideology. The profession needs thinkers too, those who wield words that equal the power of lines. How do these interests align? Connect them together and you'll have something that speaks about you as a whole. Architect is an umbrella term.

Dec 14, 13 2:10 am

24arches, thank you very much for your great comment. Actually i am in the theoretical part of reading movies and i am planning to make one in the summer. And i was in doubt if i am wasting my time with that instead of learning 3d/sketching better. Because i am planning to apply for M.Arch next year, i have one year to redesign my portfolio. And most of portfolio that i've seen so far is full of great 3d models and sketches, that's why i was in doubt.

So thank you for that encouragement, also for your advice to align them which gave me a different perspective.   

Dec 14, 13 3:42 am

Those who apply for M.Arch programs and posted their portfolio on here with impressive renderings usually have an architecture background and will be judged differently than your non-arch education. Correct me if I'm wrong on your education history. The experienced applicants are probably expected to have renderings and finished projects whereas your background is open-ended.

You'll learn software skills as school projects demand it and it's debatable whether a 100% realistic 3D picture does more than that 50% realistic render or watercolor perspective. Sketching for sure but I'm sure you can develop that as you lay out the movie idea. Plotting scenes, picking transitions, cutting and editing, it's kind of like a interactive live-action version of a render or drawing. The guy who directed Oblivion and Tron Legacy, Joseph Kosinski, was a trained architect, which is to say the skills are interchangeable.

Focus on doing the best work you can for the time being. Movies, sketches, drawings, crafts, whatever you want and feel is important and central to your overall creative outlook (relating to architecture at times would be good too). If you need portfolio help or feedback, start the 2015 thread early in the summer and those around then will help out.

It's way too early to sell yourself short. Doubt over personal potential has turned away too many.

Dec 14, 13 4:06 am

Actually i am on my 4th, last year of interior architecture. I agree with you.Its simply all about focusing on doing best work, not so complicated. I will keep your advices in mind and will do start portfolio in this summer, obviously i would like to get feedback.

Thank you very much for your advices, again. Your last sentences simply summarize it all.

Dec 14, 13 5:17 am

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