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, I'm a 27 year old student from Greece, having found it hard to go through my diploma project for tha last three years. Until the moment I started the diploma thesis,  I had many projects to deal with, because of the reach structure of my school, so no time to think if I'm into it or not. I can never remember of myself completely happy because lack of organisation found me and my schoolmate-a completely unwilling and unpassionated student-run for the basic requirements of the projects at the last 24hours. As a result, we would never be content about the result and got disappointed and powerless for the next lesson/project.

However, there have been times that got really good criticism and that was enough to make me beleive that ''I was born to be an architect''. In order to know us better, I have to mention that in Greek polytechnical shcool of architecture, the projects focus on theoritical approach, and the final designhs can be presented either as pencil drawings or cad ones. The studies also conclude 2d and 3d design lessons, but it is up to student how deep he/she may go for it.

Now the thing is that even in my diploma thesis I didn't manage to deal with any programm, except autocad(2d), where I can just design whatever i want but with great lack of proffesionalism. Aditionally, being stuck so much time in the same topic made me feel completely uncreative and wondering why did I chose that field for me since I am completely bored with staying hours in front of a pc, drawing in cad or look at the ceiling, wishing for inspiration.

I know no'one but me can solve my ´´existance´´ problems and what I should focus in, except of taking my degree, learn 3dmax, or revit or don´t know what else, is to think about what i really want to do in life and take a master course in any field similar to architecture)or not.

My questions are endless....: If I am already 27 year old having been studying for 9 years in a 5-year university school and already feel exhausted, unwilling to design, afraid of any job with strict deadlines and high requierements in designing programms, feeling that I lack knowledge and in other words completely lost and without confidence, how should I continue? What master should give me enough knowledge and confidence so to search for a job in a company? Which field is more ''soft'' for someone who doesn't want to pass the rest of her life in an office making lifeless designs, but on the other hand wants to produce something someway?(scenography is the only lesson I got 10 out of 10 and really loved it but has it got a good perspective of finding job, and what about money?

I am really sorry for trying to explain the chaos existing in my mind that is close to change my whole personality by making me more and more sad but I really need some short of orientation. Isn´t it too late to change completely  my orientation to architecture? Will I ever love it if I find/start a job?

Thank you in advance, I would really apreciate any kind of help. Otherwise I should visit a doctor for symptoms of dipression :)

Dec 1, 13 12:20 pm
chatter of clouds

hi tan-pap,

first, be calm. all the projects and grades in the world in the world will not benefit you if your health suffers.  realize that you're physically sound, your situation is fine and those worries that you have are very limited in nature (compare that, say, to someone suffering from cancer). 

secondly, rise a little above your own perspective, one in which i realize you're somewhat trapped . you'll have to approach this not from your perspective but rather from that of your teacher's/s'.what you want is to pass and to compile an acceptable portfolio. Eventually, after you exit the school, things will change dramatically and the profession will not correlate to the pedagogical experience - so, don't make rash decisions. you've put in a lot of time already. 

break down the requirements into a checklist. starting from having a brief, through finding an organizational scheme, development and then to the full description of the project - plans, sections and some 3ds/model. If you're finding difficulty with 3ds/model, get someone to help you. 

and throughout the process, put yourself in the place of the teacher, look for what they're after.

Make the project impersonal and deal with it professionally - don't get sucked into an imaginary black hole.

Are you putting enough time, directly on the work rather than worrying about the work? Time is really really important - architecture is mostly about time. you can learn all the skills on the way. one of my mistakes as an architecture student was to waste time worrying about the design rather than to put something - as stupid as i thought it was- on paper and take it from there...

so, put things on paper. put them as if you believed in least you give yourself a chance to change them.

again, skills you can attain autocad, 2d 3d, rhino....get someone to teach you, get yourself on a course...whatever. you have many means to bridge your way to success.

Dec 1, 13 4:41 pm

Really really thank you tammuz, you´re completelely into the point. The real proplem is exactly this one, tha fact that I find numerous obstacles from thinking about an idea to put it write down. It is very difficult in architecture for me to express my thoughts through pictures beacause I feel like it is a different langauge which I don't speak with fluency!(so what have I been taught so many years, you maybe wonder)

Even in pencil sketches my ideas lose their quality because of lack of patience, required to be finished..And it is true that I always forget about ''impersonality'' of the projects.That's something really interested you've pointed out and I''ll try to follow your advice.

However, have you got any idea of which kind of master should fit me?I know you're not a magician, just need your perspective!

Dec 3, 13 8:01 am

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