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Hi all,

Ok I know that there are a lot of Rhino users here so I thought Id ask...

The make 2d command is easily my favourite Rhino tool but i have problems trying to get it to work. Usually it takes an extremely long time to make a modle into 2d or it just plain crashes the programme.

Is there an experienced rhino user out there who could advise me on how to set up a model prior to a make2d please?like hide curves or ungroup/explodes etc?

I dont think its a hardware issue because ive got lots of cores and ram...

Thanks for your help.

Apr 13, 09 3:29 pm

get rid of all extraneous stuff that is not going to appear in your make2d dwg and select that which is deliberately and carefully to make sure no extra stuff gets selected. Also, close out all other programs running in the background to free up as much ram as possible.

Apr 13, 09 3:41 pm

This has been the eternal problem with Make2d's. I've had some run for 6 or 8 hours on my dual-core macbook pro. When models get complex, they take even longer, it's a bit like an exponentially direct proportion. A few tips I've picked up:

1. use the 'selvisible' command to only select what you can see in the viewport. This takes everything that's not seen and deselects it from the make2d command.

2. make the drawing one or two layers at a time... this adds a bit to the cleanup time but greatly reduces the time the program spends making the drawing.

3. make sure nothing is referenced or attached via blockmanager- all of it should be 'actually' in the file as geometry. Save as and explode the blocks if necessary.

Apr 13, 09 3:46 pm

Thanks for the tips guys-looks like I was making all of the above mistakes!I think Ill make a special Make2d file next time.


Apr 15, 09 6:16 am

tried it in v5?

Apr 15, 09 4:57 pm
fine line

Does Penguin and it's vector supercede Make2D?

Apr 15, 09 7:55 pm

more like complement with additional artistic styles

you can always just get the Raster screen shot at any resolution you like with the '-viewcapturetofile' command having 'testsetaalevel' on high with the proper graphics card power or just re-size a overshot in a raster editor as well

Apr 16, 09 2:08 pm

ok that last comment is awesome about the AA levels and the view capture..that makes my day

Apr 16, 09 2:24 pm

ditto! WOW! thanks anti!

Apr 16, 09 2:32 pm

in addition to the things already said, it's worth noting that make2d is a single threaded process - meaning (in today's tech) a fast dual core is going to be faster than a slower clocked equivalent quad or oct.

faster ram seems to help as well, more doesn't seem to help since it's pretty easy to slam into the 2GB app. limit in windows x86 with make2d. I don't think I ever tested if it could go to 4GB on xp-x64, but it might.

my record on make2d was 26hr on an exploded construction diagram (dual p4 xeon). Really I just had way over modeled the details.

Apr 17, 09 11:35 am

I've also found that the make2d command is very sensitive to the tolerance setting of the document.

High tolerance is necessary to generate a clean drawing, but seems to slow down the process exponentially. So if I'm not making a technical drawing or plan on doing a lot of cleanup later, reducing the tolerance allows you to make a drawing from a large & complex model relatively quickly.

Apr 17, 09 12:50 pm

the statement about AA is "generally" true for most output processes, esp, rendering from a 3d scene.

when i'm using 3ds max + final render or sketchUP at work, i'll leave the AA very low or even OFF altogether and just render a larger image than what is needed for final presentation/print. by the time you scale the larger, but not AA'd image down, the quality is nearly the same but the output time is usually much much shorter because you're not splitting pixels.

Apr 17, 09 12:57 pm

I generally make-2d in parts. I read that someone said it takes more time in clean up, but I've found the exact opposite. Usually, the more detail involved (both in the design and in the tolerance) the buggier the command gets. I also always compose my drawings in illustrator, and if I have them set up correctly I just stack the layers in the correct order with an opaque fill beneath each one.

This allows me to eliminate parts of the drawing and swap with updates, it also allows me to just hide parts and use similar parts of the drawing over and over. The sum of the parts is usually more useful and nicer looking than the original whole.

Apr 17, 09 2:59 pm

A quick way to speed up the make2D is to change the units of your drawing to something larger. Like, go from mm to m and you will see a tremendous improvement. I think, its like the previous posters mentioned, the precision is what kills it.

Apr 3, 10 6:29 pm

Penguin on "technical" or similar settings takes what Make2d does in an hour and does it in 20 seconds. Vector output is a good thing... Will have some minor cleanup you may have to do but thats something you're already familiar with Make2d.... Student license is 95 dollars and i think its helpful, better than sitting waiting for Make2d to run for an hour only to run out of ram (i have 4gb.. its just drawing lines). Not sure how useful this would be in a professional environment but its useful for me for drawing exploded axon's etc.

Hopefully this we'll see this fixed in Rhino 5...

Sep 3, 10 7:52 am

Hi. This thread is really old, but ill give it a try. 

My problem is that when I make 2d, I get a lot of lines, polylines and splines. I wonder if there is a way to simplify the lines, curves for export to Autocad. I have tried the command overkill, but it does not seem to clean up the vertexes enough. A simple circular object can have like 50 vertexes.


Any idea would be appreciated....

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Sep 2, 12 12:16 pm

You could 'seldup' in Rhino to get rid of overlapped lines, or just 'rebuild' lines that have way too many CV's.

Sep 2, 12 12:40 pm

If anyone could help it would be very appreciated.


I'm using rhino for mac (temporary set back) and trying to make 2d drawings to print for models. When I click 'create 2d drawing' the layer created is empty. Any suggestions?

Apr 19, 14 9:34 am

Ellastone, are you using the correct viewport settings to see curves? If your viewport is in rendered mode, it won't show curves unless you changed the properties. 

Apr 19, 14 1:52 pm

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