1st 2nd or 3rd person


im finishing up my portfolio for m. arch, and im trying to finalize my text. what "person" / narrative mode do i use through out ? im finding it difficult because theres instances where i am describing the brief which I was given for a project which I had no involvement in, then there is instances where i am explaining my process. i cant figure out how to be consistent. well i am thinking that project briefs will be found in a similar place and format for each project, that way you can tell that it's not my work, and using 3rd person. and then using 1st person for all explanation, however i feel that 1st person is not very good.. any advice?


thank you i want to get it up on issuu so you all can rip it apart but its not ready yet 

Nov 27, 13 1:18 am

Advice?  Don't waste much time wiht text.  Nodoby reads portfolios, they just flip through them for about 30 seconds looking for  pretty pictures.  If they like it, then you'll have a chance to explain during interview.

Of course, whatever you do right make sure you 2x & 3x check for spelling & gammar.  And have someone else double check too. Even if you make a single typo, it's law of nature that you'll see it every time you open the damn thing.

Nov 27, 13 9:48 am

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