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Hi all,

For those that are willing to give me their two cents, below is a link to an excerpt of my portfolio, its short and only exhibits one of my projects. I wanted to see how the content for this one project works for the audience at archinect before I start to incorporate the same graphic features and layouts with the other 4 projects for my final portfolio. 

I have a B.A. in Architecture from Clemson University and seeking to apply to a first professional Masters of Architecture program. I consider everyone involve in these threads well prepared fellow peers of mine, for this reason I value your advise, so please feel free to be as direct and honest as you feel fit. I want to increase my odds of getting into a decent program.

FYI...the link will display 5 spreads (10 physical pages)

Any feedback or advise will be greatly appreciated.



Nov 25, 13 4:40 pm

Has potential, but there is too much going on visually on every page, yet paradoxically the pages seem thin on actual content. Too many small images, too many different colors, etc. with no overall sense of hierarchy. It also speaks poorly of your portfolio when your first paragraph casually abbreviates a word, and the second one contains a non-word: "eccentrical." I guess the first project looks like it could be kind of interesting, but the second seems like a generic corporate project . You need to think about a more holistic level of storytelling beyond mixing and matching different "features" and "layouts."


Also, just noticed this: Having a misspelling on your cover is pretty bad.

Nov 25, 13 11:52 pm

There is a redundancy of imagery and lack of meaningful detail in places.

Nov 26, 13 12:30 am

Don't try to overcomplicate your process. Or you really did build like twenty models only to select two afterwards, playing the odds game. To me, it lacks resolve.

I see the same issues in a lot of portfolios here: flashy nice stuff but very little individuality behind. Why is this project important? If not on a practical level, then personal. What does it say about you? What do you want it to say? 

Nov 26, 13 12:37 am

The wording on the 2nd page is a little verbose and kind of a turn off. I also am not seeing how the residential & student housing have any effect on the building. Did you choose the site as a result?...or position the building on the site in a certain way?...or does it effect the form of the building?

It also looks to me like the perspective you're showing on the first page is the only corner of the building someone would not approach from and so each graphic is not reinforcing the other. 

The dashed lines don't help to orient the perspective.

Nov 26, 13 4:35 pm

Also spelling errors all over the place.

Nov 26, 13 4:36 pm

First off, I want to thank each of you, for taking the time to express your thoughts. criticism is hard to intake but I know it is for the best, I really appreciate it.  I just reread the verbal content on each page and yes, there are a lot of misspelled words, I will definitely run spell check on the final. I should have proofread before I posted the link. Sorry guys.

@snail….I will reduce the amount of images and figure out a way to incorporate a sense of hierarchy.  FYI this is one project and this just corroborates your advice to utilize a more holistic level of storytelling, to make sure the reader does not get confused.  I may need to give more emphasis on the first couple of images and not so much on the last images since these came off as “generic corporate project”. That is the last thing I want to exhibit in my portfolio.

@Natemat - appreciate your critique….I will figure out a way to incorporate more meaningful details and stay away from redundancy.

@arches  - Yes, our professor made us come up with a certain amount of study models for this project. When the time came to fuse the study models into one complex I wanted to create unique thresholds. The site was chosen through the planning department of the city of Clemson. They were proposing to demolish two bars that where outdated and they advocated for the erection of a facility that would involve the local community. This site is situated in between the R-1 regional section ( single residential units) to the west and Clemson university student housing units to the East. The thresholds created by the fusion of the compartments (study models) are the entry access points to the facility. I agree with you, I need to somehow make it more personal and unique to myself and not so “generic” as stated by snail.

@ Jarvvy….i agree with the verbal content, at times it may seem verbose, I’ll try to be more laconic with my words and get straight to the point.  The perspective shown on the first page is a view I personally like. I just like the composition of the view that is all, but probably not good enough of a reason. I’ll make sure to illustrate more views of the thresholds and a couple of diagrams illustrating how vital the thresholds are to the facility.

Nov 26, 13 8:18 pm

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