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Hi my name is Natasha ;
I study architecture at the University of Western Australia and Im currently going to be graduating in June 2014 next year
I will be completed 3 years undergrad and want to apply for the MArch in Bartlett
I have hopes of applying to the Bartlett next year around January through my agent to UCL
I was just wondering if I have any chances at all to apply-my tutors all told me I should for postgraduate but I know its extremely competitive

Here is my website : but I obviously need to compile it into a book and send it off
I have a very strong fine arts background so maybe they might take that into consideration; I work as a graphic designer for a firm here but I think they would like it if they saw I worked for an architecture firm; I plan to visit Masdar in UAE which is a project with Fosters+Partners so I might apply for a internship there or couple big architectural practices in dubai
I am in the process of opening up my own website etc too but this is all the basic stuff I've done since I was in high school up to University
I was also wondering how can you make your portfolio stand out from the rest? make a movie? Pop up book concept? Any ideas would be so awesome because I'm very into experimental architecture and concepts

What other good architecture Unis in UK would be good to apply (as a backup if i dont get into the Bartlett)? In terms of opportunites to work and which are competitive too?

Kind regards,

Nov 23, 13 10:22 am

Bartlett has 2 MArch's - the 2 year professional and 1 year non-professional.  Your work is interesting so the may offer you a place in the non-professional but unlikely to offer in the 2 year professional as you do not have a background in architecture. If your looking to practice as an architect you need to [generally] look for a professional programme. Because of the professional nature of the awards, I am unaware of any school in the UK that would allow a student with a non-arch degree in.  I think you will need to look at undergrad programmes.  Bartlett might offer you a place in year 2 of undergrad. 

While the 1 year degree may let you in, it is not intended to train you in be an architect[no UK PGT programme does that]. Graduate programmes in the UK assume you are that already and want to make you a stronger, more critical architect.  So if your background is art, the MArch will enhance that area of your expertise and bring an understanding of it from a position of architecture.

Nov 23, 13 7:49 pm

Natasha, beautiful work, I don't think you'll have an issue.

Nov 23, 13 8:26 pm

Hi Ted,
Thanks so much for the feedback-I was a bit confused because the system in Australia is very much different to that of UK
I wouldn't mind doing the 1 year non professional and then later decide because I want to just do a post grad and work ;then later do my practice exam for being a architect. I will be completing 3 years so I'm not sure what they will mention or recommend me to do but I will most likely put the application in anyway. But thanks very much! :)
And thanks very much b3tadine[sutures]! It feels almost like a dream to go to the Bartlett but the competition makes me doubt it! I think anyone would who wanted to apply

Nov 24, 13 1:17 am

It would still be a tedious and lengthy process for you to get registered in Aus if you have a Part II professional degree from the UK, let alone a non-professional degree which would be a lot more complicated.  A friend of mine who graduated from the UK and migrated to Aus has been through this before and from what he told me it's a real real pain in the bum.

As for the Bartlett's 1 year post-professional, i'm sure its a good programme but AFAIK the strength and the focus of the school seem to lie in the main programme which is the M.Arch (part II ) and the same goes with with the AAdiploma which is highly regarded and well respected more than any other courses.

 Get your professional degree where you want to practice I reckon. Also if you wanna practice in Aus ,the 1 year Bartlett  would be useless for registration and wouldnt hold in high regard among firms either.

Nov 24, 13 4:47 am

Hi Natasha,

Just so you know, it will be difficult if not impossible to get licensed in the UK with your undergrad and a 1 year non-professional. The 1 year is very creative and designed based. An excellent programme but has the ambition NOT to be anything about the professional course.  So if your taking your practice exam, you must be talking in Australia.

I am confident you can get into the bartlett 1 year - they have now made it 'big' to say the least [its now huge and big money maker just like american universities] and the quality of your work is very nice, very bartlett-esq

You might try applying to AA - apply for the diploma, but state that your willing to enter year 3 of the intermediate school.  You will then graduate with both a part I and part II.  

Nov 24, 13 11:17 am

Hmm, yeah my plan was to graduate with a masters in UK if I can;which I know would be tedious-and then come to australia and do my exam here but i still havent thought in detail yet where I want to settle; UK would be lovely but its extremely competitve in terms of the industry and australia is very young especially Perth city (where I'm studying) and its very easy to emerge/ start up a firm with a couple people and you dont even have to be a licensed architect; but then you cant call yourself an architect so you might end up losing clients due to the accreditation issue: but I am determined wherever the Barlett will take me; if I should get in
But thanks so much for the information guys!

Nov 24, 13 11:07 pm

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