what would be a good argument about Raumplan for my paper ? Why is it better to design in volumes ? And what would be a good example for Raumplan in contemporary architecture ?I'm thinking about using House NA / Sou Fujimoto as the contemporary example.

Please help me . I'm stuck!!!

Nov 15, 13 1:18 am
Non Sequitur

Da fuk is a raumplan?

Nov 15, 13 8:13 am  · 

Sequitur skipped few arch. history classes!

Nov 15, 13 10:10 am  · 
Non Sequitur

Poop, nope, got even chased a minor in history. along with my B.arch

Never heard this term before.

Nov 15, 13 10:14 am  · 
The raumplan is interesting because of its experiential quality. The section is key. The hierarchy of spaces is defined at different levels. There is also a tendecy that raumplan tend to be more introverted as having a perimeter stair and stagered levels as opposed to corbs free plan that tends to push you out from a spiral staircase or a ramp to framing views. Ex. Practically any adolf loos project. Take a look at casa poli by pezo von ellirchshausen. This office has many raumplaun projects. Also read "raumplan vs plan livre (free plan)" by beatriz colomina.
Nov 15, 13 11:54 am  · 
I think the stuff that sou fujimoto does at house NA is closer to paul rudolph as stacking and interlocking volumes than what loos does which is to have a rigid exterior with staggered levels inside. (pezo von ellrichshausen is by far the best example and japanese tokyo apts with punctured windows). Although if these punctured windows are set randomly you know that this a fake that wants to appear in architecture magazines. Generally these openings are set strategically on different levels and with a clear intent. So if you see a one story box with perf windows, you are being deceived.
Nov 15, 13 12:04 pm  · 

Think section.

Nov 15, 13 1:25 pm  · 
Villa Mueller, Prague
Nov 16, 13 8:01 pm  · 
chatter of clouds

does  the House NA aspire to be a 3D splintered free plan or a see-through raumplan?  

Nov 17, 13 12:49 pm  · 

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