Where to get grad school/portfolio coaching?


I have seen people post their portfolios on here to get opinions, but many of theirs look super professional already. I am trying to get into grad school for a M.Arch and I seriously have no idea where to start with the portfolio. Are there any good resources/places I could look for coaching to get me going?



Thanks for any help

Nov 9, 13 3:10 am

A lot of arch schools will offer small events on the topic to help people apply to their programs or apply to other programs from theirs.

You could find books on the topic, often cited are Harold Linton's books on portfolio design.

You could also just ask someone who has experience with this sort of thing if they could sit down with you and help get you started.

Nov 9, 13 3:33 am

^ ^ Just on the flip side, a lot of schools make a point of NOT looking/offering advice on portfolios before they are handed in, to avoid those crazy students who pester them for months and then still don't get accepted from raising hell after. Certainly ask and get the help when you can, but just don't expect it/know that some may not.

Linton's book is good for learning the principles, but its very outdated software-wise. If you look at it from a purely graphic-design purpose for the specific scenario of architecture, its great. I used it quite a bit for when I made my own portfolio, and just noticed there is an updated 2012 version. Graphic design books in general are really helpful, I also used one called "No more hand binding" or something similar to that, which was graphic design portfolio making.

Nov 9, 13 9:38 am

I was mostly speaking if defined portfolio review events... but yeah.

Do you have an exact tile for that book? sounds interesting....

Nov 9, 13 2:00 pm

Oddly enough I can't find the name anymore... weird.

Nov 9, 13 4:00 pm

What did you mean software wise? Like the program you use to put the text and pictures together?

Nov 9, 13 7:49 pm

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