thesis topic- to tackle waste management issue through design

surabhi mohadikar

hello i am a 4th yr student, its the time to select a thesis topic andi am  very much interested in designing out of waste or designing a system to handle waste management per ward in mumbai. i need guidance, so as to what will be the design content and how far is this topic appropriate. 

i feel the subject is important  and is the need of the hour in a city like mumbai in india. The landfills here r in a bad condition causing health hazards to the nearby residents. the death rate has increased. i think each ward in the city should have a recycling unit.  Such designed that is creates awareness among  the people and becomes a gathering space even.for example the open grounds and recreational spaces are compulsory while planning any town in same way if we compulsorily  leave space for recycling centre in each unit its will help a lot to preserve the environment n keep clean.pls give me opinions on this thought 

Oct 30, 13 11:37 am

I don't have much to say but I will throw out a thesis project completed last year (by a recent grad from our school) on waste management in Argentina:

It might give you some ideas regarding how far you could push your thoughts, or how im(plausible) the result could be.

Oct 30, 13 1:19 pm

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Feb 21, 14 5:25 am

how can i contact surabhi mohadikar 

Feb 9, 20 3:51 am
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