academic portfolio question about directing the reader


i have a question about portfolios 

should i expect the reviewer to read through my portfolio in order and from top to bottom and left to right ?

how can i control the reader to interpret the information in the order that i designed ? 

Because I am assuming they do not spend much time reviewing each how important is it that i explain every detail? 

MY spreads are very diagrammatic and the text is not so important, at least for the project i am working on i am trying to get most of the explanation out on the very first page with the intro, however I am wondering what if the reader skips over the intro page ?  

I have seen some really minimal portfolios, mine is not one of those unfortunately .. 

also any advice on managing work  ? Because its almost fucking november already i have 5 more projects to get in  and i am finally just barely getting a handle on the first 1 I have been working on it for a month. I am working between illustrator photoshop and indesign also i have to photograph my models and even rebuild some of them .. what im asking is for advice on managing my thoughts, multi tasking, prioritizing etc. whats should i be getting done first what can wait til the end ? how can i start working on all projects simultaneously  ?  


thank you ! 

Oct 25, 13 7:22 pm

another question, is it better to place or copy and paste graphics from illustrator to indesign? my process is messy i make all of the graphics on illustrator so i can see them in relation to eachother but then when it comes to putting them in indesign if i want to place one graphic it is in the same file with a whole bunch of other shit that i dont want.. but if i copy and paste i cant edit seamlessly .. do i just make a bunch of different .ai files ? 

any recommendations ? 

Oct 25, 13 7:31 pm

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