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I am a Greek 22-year-old man and the past few days i have been searching for English speaking European Universities in Architecture. I found 30 Universities in the United Kingdom (of which only 2 in Glasgow were affordable) and 1 in Slovakia (Technical University in Bratislava). Despite my efforts i did not find anything in other countries where i'd like to also try. Netherlands, Austria, Sweeden and Spain are the other countries on my mind. As i can not afford much money i look for something that will cost under 2000 euros/year. I do not really know where to begin my search except for google. Any help would be really appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance!

Oct 7, 13 11:28 am

Angewandte in Vienna ... i heard tuition is free if you can get admitted... oh never mind.  I think they only take in Master students now

Oct 7, 13 11:31 am  · 

Royal Danish Academy of the Arts has a renowned architecture program. They are fairly cheap by American standards but it might be too much for you since you are limiting yourself to 2000 EU for year.

Oct 7, 13 2:14 pm  · 

Check the Scottish universities again - they have an agreement that allows EU citizens who are normally resident outside UK but still in the EU to study for free.

Oct 7, 13 3:33 pm  · 

ps: Edinburgh, Glasgow School of Art, Dundee, Scott Sutherland School of Arch, Strathclyde...

Oct 7, 13 3:35 pm  · 

dear Aleksandros Fostinis

My name is Georgios and I am greek too. I am currently studying architecture in Greece. Here is a list of the most well known schools for architecture, while being affordable too (I think I know better than the others the economic problem that we Greek people come accross):

KTH (Stockholm), Royal Danish Academy of Arts, TU Delft, Angewandte (Vienna).

If you think you can afford smth like 9.000 pounds a year then UCL (London) is always a good choise

Oct 8, 13 1:59 pm  · 

This is a post by me from a previous topic:

I can only speak for The Netherlands, but here you've got 2 options: University or Academy. University architecture master is 2 years minimum, but you'll need a bachelor in building engineering. This will make you Msc. After 2 more years of experience you can register yourself as an architect. University is a full-time study. Academy is 4 years minimum and requires a bachelor in building engineering or interior architecture (or a great portfolio and some experience) to get in. Academy makes you MArch. After the 4 years are completed you can register as an architect. So same goal in the same time, different routes. Academy is a part-time study that requires you to at least work 3,5 of the 4 years at an architecture firm.

Oct 9, 13 5:24 am  · 

Off the top of my head: 

Architecture University Lichtenstein. The language of instruction is english and not german.

USI Mendrisio (Università della Svizzera italiana) also requires no language exam, although I believe many courses are still taught in Italian in addition to english.

Oct 9, 13 6:45 am  · 

I would check out the Architectural Institute in Prague. I see that the tuition is 3500 euros, but Prague is a one of a kind city that can be enjoyed on a small budget.

Oct 10, 13 6:22 am  · 


Not only should you compare the annual tuition, you need to check how long the programme is - I know Greek students often need a 'Masters' to complete their studies - UK MArch's come in 12 month and 24 Month [RIBA part II] while most if not all EU MA's are 24 month.  So 12 month tuition and living [even at the AA fees] if far less than living in Copenhagen or ETH which are very expensive living cost - living / housing cost in Europe far exceeds tuition in most case - Best wishes TED

Oct 10, 13 5:09 pm  · 

Hello- thanks for the discussion.   I am working with ARCHIP (Architectural Institute in Prague) and we offer an EU-accredited Bachelor Degree in Architecture, taught 100% in the English language.    We are based in central Prague, and currently have about 55 international students from 20 different countries.

Please contact me directly if you want more information-, or check out our website:

We will also offer a three-week Summer Workshop called Bridging Prague, which is open to all students and professionals in the architecture, planning and landscape architecture fields.   More information on ARCHIP's homepage.


Paul DeLave

Director of International Relations- ARCHIP

Jan 30, 14 2:17 pm  · 

hello I am from Bangladesh.I have complete my diploma now I want to do my bachelor in architecture in European any better English university. my cost limit 3000 to 3500 euro par year. please help me advise me some best universities which are suitable for me.thanks you so much.

Aug 3, 16 3:46 am  · 


I'm an architecture student from Brasil, I have only started my bachelors recently and I'm looking for universities in Europe. I'm currently living in Barcelona ( to learn spanish) hoping I could attend UPC, but they require me to do an exam called PAU in which the Catalan language has a big role in it. Since I'm not familiar with the language and don't think it would be beneficial for me to learn it I decided to look for other colleges in Europe. I am completely lost, don't know where to look! I'm open for any advices, any help would be highly appreciated!


Sep 6, 16 11:51 am  · 

Universidad Europea de Madrid

Jun 22, 17 1:43 pm  · 


Please suggest universities / colleges in Europe offering Bachelor of Architecture degree ( not BA or BSc in Architecture) and medium of instruction English or French.


Nov 12, 18 7:14 pm  · 


You should check out my alma mater - Warsaw University of Technology, it has 4 year bachelor tought in English ! it costs 2500 PLN for semester which is around 580 EUR.

Nov 13, 18 1:43 pm  · 

Hi I am from Malaysia

Anyone know any university I can apply offering Bachelor in Architecture in english with cheap tuition fees? 

Dec 5, 18 12:10 am  · 

The Oslo School of Architecture is free

Dec 5, 18 3:45 am  · 

and taught in Englsih

Dec 5, 18 3:46 am  · 

But breathing in Oslo costs about 150 NOK per hour.

Dec 5, 18 9:02 am  · 

that's only for the fresh air

Dec 5, 18 10:06 am  · 

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