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Is anyone taking the syllabus program? If so, what kind of degree did you apply with?

My dilemma: I have a Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree which of course is not accredited. I want to get an accredited degree so that one day I can become an architect. I am debating whether to take a year or two off work (trying hard to avoid) and taking the syllabus program. I have no way of knowing how much school I have left to complete in the syllabus program until I apply ($500 later).

So in a nutshell, has anyone applied to the Syllabus program with an architecture degree?


Dec 9, 08 2:15 pm

my understanding is that the RAIC syllabus is being phased out, or at least re-structured. some provincial associations (AAA for sure) have stopped accepting new syllabus students. The program's future is uncertain and I would not recommend this route to becoming an architect. It will take something like 10 years to complete. I can't see any advantages to the program at all - it'll take you longer than spending 5 or 6 years getting your architecture degree and then doing the internship.

Dec 9, 08 4:51 pm

Thanks innes,

The syllabus program is actually partnering (not for another year or two) with Athabasca University, hence why it is a little confusing at this time.

I understand what you are saying though. I am looking at U of T and Ryerson as well. I just started working full time and I wanted to keep that up.

Dec 9, 08 4:56 pm

no problem - i know 6 years or whatever to get your MArch seems like a long time, but in the end you'll regret not doing it if you choose syllabus, and your range of options down the road will be much wider.

Dec 9, 08 4:59 pm

Hi @Benjamin_

Did you enrol in the RAIC syllabus? They are now partnered with Athabasca U and I'm super interested in enrolling.. 

Aug 8, 14 12:45 am

I just received my acceptance letter into the RAIC Syllabus program.  I do not have a university degree, but do have a college diploma and 16 years of experience.  Just waiting on a decision on my advance standing application. 

Jan 23, 17 6:51 pm

do yourself a favour and stay away from RAIC Syllabus, I did it for 1 year, you are better off trying a real university.

it has the highest drop-out rate out of any academic program in canada, not because its hard or takes a long time, but because they don't have profs but mentors who are utter jerks and are accountable to nobody.

RAIC Syllabus does not have an ombudsman where students can take a complaint to.

Feb 16, 17 3:22 am
Non Sequitur
^very few mentors are jerks. It is true That syllabus is a strange learning path and double so when considering that only independent an business minded students succeed, I do however know a few people who've moved on to very successful careers.

Having said this, it is no match for the traditional 4+2 year BAS & M.arch. Not to mention the lost income from working as a syllabus student vs a graduate.
Feb 16, 17 7:52 am

So it's that bad eh? I was considering do it. I have been in the profession for 6 years as a Technologist. Have an Hons. BA and diploma in architectural technology. I can't imagine taking two years off of life to complete a masters. Was hoping that there was another route to becoming an architect :(

Feb 28, 17 12:56 pm

The program has partnered with Athabasca University.  Things have improved is my understanding.  I am curious as to when 420g was enrolled in the program.  I have several colleagues who have graduated from the program and are doing very well now.  You can apply for advanced standing, as I did, and have some credits granted upon enrollment.  

Feb 28, 17 1:53 pm
Non Sequitur
The syllabus is the only other way.
Feb 28, 17 1:54 pm

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