I'm a senior in high school and I want to go into Architecture. I am not interested (nor am good enough) to go to Cornell, Harvard or schools such as those. I am considering the University of Kansas for back up (I live in Lawrence KS), University of Oregon in Eugene, and Washington University in St. Louis as a reach school. I have a 3.85 GPA, a lot of extra curriculars, and a strong portfolio, buuut I only got a 1650 on the SAT my first time (just took it again). I need a lot of financial aid in order to go to college even more so if I wan to go out of state, so a school that tends to give out a lot of money would be good.

Anyway, if you have any ideas of good schools for Architecture that kinda fit my profile, it'd be really helpful. I'm feeling overwhelmed with the how many college there are to weed through. I am interested in a school that offers a lot of cross-curriculars so I can continue to dance, weather that is good for being outdoors, a liberal-ish town and of course a good education. Thanks in advance!

Oct 7, 13 2:24 am
You can narrow it down to big state schools since you want lots of options. Wash U is very expensive so you might rule it out. Look at tuition costs and available scholarships (if you think you'll get them) and decide what the max you want to pay (or pay back is). By the end of that exercise, you will have a short list. You might check out UT Austin.
Or Ohio schools. I think Oregon now has a satellite program in Portland but that might not work for you with your other needs. Check out California programs. Remember to learn about residency requirements to maybe get lower tuition after a few years.
Oct 7, 13 8:20 am

Thanks for actually replying haha. This whole applying for college thing has been so stressful. I'll have to look into those schools!

Oct 7, 13 10:31 pm
University of Arizona and Arizona state had very cheap out of state tuition
Oct 9, 13 1:17 am

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