Missing lines when printing (PDF)


It has occurred to me a couple of times. The file (PDF) was made in illustrator with dwg imported from Rhino.

When viewed from Acrobat it looks fine, but some lines were missing when printed out, even from different printers.  Has anyone had the same experience ?

Sep 5, 13 12:29 am
Yes. It's your PDF print driver.
Sep 5, 13 8:10 am

Would you mind to elaborate ?

Sep 6, 13 2:10 am

we've had this happen in my office a few times.  i don't think anyone came up with a good solution.  i dropped adobe's printer and switched to pdfcreator, which i think is a lot better for a printer.  adobe's acrobat is still better as an editor imo.  this was from printing from cad though.  i don't do illustrator, so my issue may have been different than yours.

Sep 6, 13 9:42 am

I've actually run into this problem printing directly via InDesign.  I have a Canon pixma printer so my first impression is that the lines are too thin for the inkjet nozzle. I haven't investigated the problem yet, but I'm planning on narrowing the problem down this weekend and I'll post my findings.

Sep 6, 13 12:45 pm

So I printed to a color laserjet printer and as I suspected I didn't run into any issues. It's either the limitations of your printer head nozzle, printer drivers, or how you export to PDF. You'll need to play around with the last two variables (e.g. make the lines thicker).

Sep 10, 13 6:10 pm

I found that printing the PDF as an image solves the problem. This option can be located by opening the print dialogue window > Advanced > Print as Image checkbox. 

Oct 15, 13 11:49 pm

I just wanted to say, whether you read this or not, thank you. This solved my problem. What a dumb fix for such a stupid issue.


I'm glad it helped. Stupid issue indeed.

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