Architects Working for UN?


Does anyone know of or have experience working at the United Nations? I am curious to hear about Architects branching into work outside the traditional designer/project manager scope. Wondering if some have been engaged in mapping, surveys, administrative funtions, or let loose contemplating social and technical problems in a different setting.

Jul 19, 08 4:36 pm

I worked for an architect years ago and his twin brother and himself
worked on a number of UN projects in South America in Bolivia, Chile
Peru and Columbia. They were involved with siting schools. He went
To Columbia and worked for a furniture manufacturer designing right out of school and always had a tie to South of the Boarder, so It was
only the right thing to do to connect up with the UN in doing master planning. Funny thing is his practice was in Arizona and his brothers was in Montana. So when one of these projects would come thru the door they would pack up and head south gather all the information and then come back and put the project together. He also was one of the professors who would take exchange students to Mexico. Most interesting thing about him was he was also a water color artist, so he
would make friends everywhere. He was known for bringing quality water color paper to artist he had met over the years which ment usually a gift of a painting in return. Which I always thought was a good way to collect art. I house sat for them one year and certainly
enjoyed the home he and his wife lived in. I think he retired and built a straw bale house on in the desert.

Jul 20, 08 6:07 pm  · 

not the UN but I know a few who've worked for the EU particularly the EDF (European Development Fund) assisting with projects under the scope of poverty alleviation. I was lucky enough to act as a project manager under a few of them

Jul 20, 08 6:17 pm  · 

i have a really good friend who spent several years working for the uN as an architect in East Timor, if you are really interested, drop me an e.mail and i give you his info...

Jul 21, 08 2:29 pm  · 
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**Update: Due to the massive amount of emails i get asking me for my friend's contact info, i would tell you this: he worked for UN more than 10 years ago now.... He has no special connections and/or a way to get you in. Best thing i would advice you to do is to look into this 2 links for job openings at UN projects:

Please, don't take it the wrong way, but forget the part where i said "drop me an email and i give you his info..." (i was young and careless).

Jan 22, 17 12:35 pm  · 

Jun 26, 18 10:29 am  · 

Greetings, Alfred Twine a graduate Architect from Uganda.

Jun 26, 18 10:32 am  · 
Non Sequitur


Jun 26, 18 10:48 am  · 

Knowing the UN, it probably requires vast amounts of nepotism/cronyism to work as an architect for the UN.

Jun 26, 18 11:44 am  · 

Hello everyone. I am curious about the internship offers for recently graduated architects and in every post I checked it was written that the internship is unpaid. I would be happy if someone who had an internship can inform me. I just find it hard to believe that they really expect me move to an other country to work 40 hours a week for 6 months with no pay. 

Sep 21, 21 1:52 pm  · 

I find that easy to believe.

Sep 21, 21 2:32 pm  · 

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