Laser cutter tattoo/branding

thought some people might appreciate this:

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via Instructables

Jul 18, 08 9:23 am

doh! anyone more code saavy want to take that on for me?
here's a link though:

Jul 18, 08 9:24 am

What a sweet way to waste a very expensive tool!

Jul 18, 08 1:17 pm

we always threatened to do it w/ ours but never took the thought too seriously.

Jul 18, 08 1:23 pm

do you think you can get it deep enough to leave a mark forever? that post only has pictures of the fresh ones. i want to know what it looks like a month later

Jul 18, 08 6:07 pm

i would do it.....

i've been on the bridge of getting tatted up on my wrists..... then to sleeves......

i think you would need to set the power higher though... you need to get through most of the layers of skin for it to scar up..... the first few layers wont do much...


Jul 18, 08 6:18 pm

yea thats what i was thinking... and then maybe peel off any of the burnt flesh that you can and dump some ink from one of your micro pens on it and rub it in.

Jul 18, 08 6:48 pm

i wonder if ink is ink......

a good friend of mine from college got a XXX tatted on the top of his hand with glow in the dark ink...or black light ink...hmmm...


Jul 18, 08 6:58 pm

I have a lot of traditional branding and as a former body artist I really wouldn't recommend getting it done with a laser cutter. I'm not an expert on those cutters but if the"focal length" (?) is off, it's not going to do a good job. As body parts aren't flat, this is unavoidable. The tool has to follow the contours of the skin/body for an even result.

Feb 23, 18 10:31 pm

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