Microstation - Need a copy...

George Jetson

Hey all,

Captain Alias here...looking for a free copy of Microstation (V7 or V8) for personal use on my home computer. I've looked around on line but haven't found anything suitable. If someone has a copy that they can make available it would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to post here with info or email me.


-That which we call a rose/By any other name would smell as sweet...

Jul 10, 08 5:59 pm

why not pay for the full version?

Jul 10, 08 6:05 pm
George Jetson

because it's about $900.

Jul 10, 08 6:16 pm
George Jetson

nothing? Maroon? c'mon Old Friend...was hoping maybe you would be able to lend a hand...

Jul 11, 08 9:11 am
el jeffe

spacely sprockets doesn't use microstation?

Jul 11, 08 11:58 am
Sir Arthur Braagadocio


Jul 11, 08 12:08 pm
George Jetson

jeffe and meta, c'mon. the bump is appreciated but some help would be far more appreciated.

Jul 11, 08 12:39 pm

so George ... why is it that I have the feeling you'd be the first one to complain bitterly if somebody knocked off one of your designs without providing you any compensation ... yet, you think it ok to steal Bentley's intellectual property ?

Jul 11, 08 1:11 pm
George Jetson

digger, 2 things.

first, not sure how you arrive at your appraisal: "why is it that I have the feeling you'd be the first one to complain bitterly if..."
do we know eachother?

second, your analogy doesn't make sense. intellectual property has nothing to do with this. i don't want to take bentley's code and use it to write my own version of CAD software. if that were the case, your analogy would make sense.

that is not the case. i want free software for personal use. illegal, yes, but i won't lose any sleep over it. now that you mention it, i need this software to aid in the completion of 2 pro-bono projects i'm doing in my spare time. so ya, this isn't weighing heavily on my conscience. i won't be making money from the free software. that is an entirely different ethical situation.

Jul 11, 08 1:36 pm

got to admire George's attention to this thread- he has almost every other post

Jul 11, 08 1:58 pm

George, screw what these people say! If I had a copy of microstation, I'd get it to you in a second. But unfortunately I don't have it. However, my office does you microstation.

Jul 11, 08 2:05 pm

get those pro bono projects to buy it and write it off as a tax return?

Jul 11, 08 2:05 pm

You know, you can buy an older copy that someone isn't using anymore:

Fuck you Autodesk, up yours WE WIN!

Jul 11, 08 2:16 pm
Jul 11, 08 3:17 pm

thanks Liebchen - not for the microstation, but the link to the torrent site got me hooked up with a new copy of Jenna Jameson's Zombie flick, and a nooner for later this afternoon!

awesome. mL's getting some tail!

Jul 11, 08 3:23 pm

No Prob, Bob.

Jul 12, 08 4:09 pm
George Jetson

thanks Andrew, i'm donwloading it now...hope it works.

Jul 13, 08 4:16 pm

I can't download it. The torrent download option just sends me to a screen filled with computer code. Does that happen to anyone else?

Jul 13, 08 4:26 pm
George Jetson


click the "how to download" link. you have to first download this thing called uTorrent. once you have that it should work.

V8 is 290mb, so it may take a few hours to download, depending on connection speed.

Jul 13, 08 4:33 pm

Thank you. Downloading now.

Jul 13, 08 4:42 pm

gotta love liberty imagine if this was an authoritarian regime like most ALL other forums.

Jul 14, 08 12:24 pm
George Jetson


have you been able to install it?

Jul 14, 08 7:23 pm

Not to be a spoilsport, but this thread is probably enough for a DMCA takedown notice. George Jetson - way to endanger all of ours procrastination.

Jul 14, 08 7:51 pm

the capitalists who seek property as violence have spoken ;)

Jul 15, 08 11:36 am

can someone repost the download link?

Nov 20, 18 9:40 am

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