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I am new to Archinect as this is my first post and I have a few questions about college majors. I am going to be a freshmen in college this fall and want to pursue an architecture major or something similar to it like industrial design. I am located in Virginia and my only options are in state colleges. The only problem is that I am attending  a community college for my first year and hope to transfer after that. I know that VTech does not admit transfer students to the arch program but possibly the id program. My two other options would be transfer to UVa for arch or as a worst comes to worst scenario, transfer to VCU and major in urban psychology with a minor in illustration to hopefully get a M.Arch in the future. Sorry for making this post so long, but any input is helpful.


Jul 11, 13 12:53 am

Your post is NOT long.  It's to the point, actually.

If you go the community college route, be forewarned that you have to excel to transfer to a good school.  Because they are not as competitive, sometimes they can make people a little lax.  Easier schools tended to do that to me.

I'm surprised that VT does not allow c.c. transfers into architecture but UVa does.  Are you sure?  You know they sort of have different reputations, though both good in their own ways.  Hell, if what you say is true, and VT doesn't let you in, but UVa does, jump on it.

Why that major at VCU?  How about urban planning, either there or at VT or UVa if not admitted to architecture, along with the artistically oriented minor?  If you are looking to the M.Arch., UVa will be tougher to get into than VT, numerically speaking.  Again, you will need to be thinking portfolio the whole time you are in school.  If those don't work out, you can get the M.Arch. at UMD College Park, NCSU, and UNC Charlotte, and probably declare residency after the first year, if emancipated, since those are urban areas where it's credible that someone may want to live, but you will have to keep scouring their websites to keep abreast of residency classification requirements.  You'll be at least 22 when all this happens, anyway.

Jul 11, 13 5:11 pm

From what I read on the admission websites VT only allows external transfers into the Interior Design and Landscape Arch. programs but not the Arch. and Industrial Design programs. UVa just says once you're accepted into the school you'll receive a letter from the Arch. School stating whether or not you were accepted.

As for the major at VCU I thought it would be the best option to tie into architecture and I know that VCU has a good reputation for medicine and psychology. I actually didn't even think about urban planning haha, but that is probably a better option. I just looked into the urban planning programs at both UVa and VT, and it seems that it is still part of the Arch. School at UVa, but not at VT. 

So I'm thinking my best option would be UVa so I can go to the Arch. School and have the Urban Planning at VT as a second option. The only thing I'm worried about is spending too much time at the community college, because I would like to transfer after the first year.

About the reputations for VT and UVa, which one is considered the better architecture school?

Jul 12, 13 2:00 pm

I don't think it's possible to say.  VT does a 5 year accredited B.Arch. and UVa does a 4 year BS which requires +2 for an accredited Masters, there or elsewhere.

I applied to UVa for a M.Arch. with an unrelated prior degree and was not admitted.  I did not consider VT.  I think that, if I was going to go to the Middle Atlantic, it was going to be UVa or nothing. 

I think UVa is more focused on design, theory, history, and interdisciplinary, whereas VT might be more skill oriented, or has been in the past.  For the 4 year B.S., I don't know how much leverage there is in electives at UVa.  However, in the stretch masters, I could have bumped up the technical content at UVa through electives and I think you still can.  It depends on whether you want 5 or 4+2, and which school you want to call your alma mater.

Jul 12, 13 2:13 pm

I wouldn't mind being an alumni of either school, because they're both great and well known. As for the number of years it would take to I don't think 1 year would make too much of a difference for me, but the only thing I'm scared of is that if I went to UVa I might have to do an extra year because I would be a transfer student. I guess I just have to think it over a little bit more, but thank you for your help!

Jul 12, 13 5:36 pm

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