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Hi everyone,

I deferred my acceptance at SCI-Arc to start the M.Arch. 1 program next Fall (2014). I'm hoping to incite a discussion with others who might be on the same boat as I am; hopefully talk about what we're doing to prepare (fulfilling prereqs., GED, etc.) and connect!



Jul 3, 13 9:16 am
Hi Lek, bit off topic, but I am really keen on applying to sciarch myself, and I was wondering if I could take a look at some of the work in your portfolio ? Thanks a lot!
Jul 4, 13 7:48 am
Hey guys I'm also applying to sci arc for fall 2014. I already looked at some of the portfolios at the school; so I would suggest taking a look as well if you haven't already. Also take the gre exams if you haven't done so already. The school doesn't have a minimum score for the gre for acceptance, as long as its not super low you should be ok. They emphasized many times the importance of perfecting the portfolio before admissions. In addition the statement of purpose, and 3 recommendations. I'm in the process of creating my portfolio and preparing for the gre exams, I have my prep exam this week. I hope his helps.
What type of work did you guys include in your portfolio?
Jul 4, 13 11:44 pm

My suggestion,

1.Take as many as studio courses in your school right now. I am in U Penn preparatory summer studio, it's quite intensive, Monday to Friday 2-6 PM all the way down for about 6 weeks.I also take History, which is also 9-11 AM Monday to Friday. I have no my life at all. BTW,  The cost is expensive tho, 10k for the summer courses. I believe one studio course in other institute probably only takes 3k. 

2. Learn some software such as Rhino, Grasshopper.

3. Learn sketching and drawings.

4. Try to finish all the required courses before arrival, you really want a summer for you graduation.

Jul 10, 13 1:08 am

Thanks everybody, this is all very helpful! Sorry, this is a little late and cutting very close to the application deadlines, but I have a dual BA in Fine Art and Creative Writing. While in school, I was actively showing my works locally, and after graduation, started working downtown at a Project/Construction management firm; we take on energy and infrastructure projects. I studied under a heavy liberal arts context and went to a school with a similar pedagogy as SCI-Arc (i.e. progressive, experimental, interdisciplinary, etc.) -- according to a professor of mine who graduated with an Arch. and Sociology degree in South America, and she was the one who recommend SCI-Arc to me. 

The work I included in my portfolio mostly consisted of the art and writing projects I completed during my undergrad. I was told it's important to show off your strengths and tailor the portfolio in a way that matches the kind of work that's coming out of the schools. So, for example, if it's a school that emphasizes experimentation and theory as in SCI-Arc, include a project that showcases your ability to bend already known concepts. From what I gathered and from speaking with others who know the school, I've also been told they underline the importance of portfolio preparation and so pay much attention to aesthetics.

Hope that helps!

Is anyone else applying to other schools, and what are your opinions on such schools compared to SCI-Arc?



Nov 26, 13 9:29 am

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