please give advice for Master (Angewandte/ICD/CITA)


hi ... I know this is probably the hundredth post concerning this theme, but I really would appreciate if someone maybe with some insight could give me advice with my decision I need to take within next weeks. 

I just finished my B.Sc. in Germany with some more or less solid knowledge on the various aspects of architecture and now would like to pursue my future studies within the realm of digital / parametric / innovative Architecture

For my Master studies I got accepted by the following Studios / Universities:


- Angewandte / Studio Greg Lynn / M.Arch

- TU Stuttgart / ICD, ITECH / M.Sc.

- KARCH Copenhagen / CITA / M.A.


Die Angewandte is a place I am really fancy about and am fascinated by their work. I think especially Studio Lynn gives you a lot of freedom and don't constrain you formally that much. On the other hand their work seems sometimes too fantasy-like and is seems mainly formal driven ( which I quit like, but of course their are more aspects to architecture). Than you got this big name of an internationally renowned university but again on the other hand are maybe so much branded that you limit your future field of work a lot. 

Then there is the TU Stuttgart with their Institute for Computational Design and a brand new Master program called ITECH. It's an interdisciplinary Programm with sudents from architecture, structural engineering, bionic sciences ... lead by Achim Menges and Jan Knippers. I think they have a more scientific approach to the parametric/digital realm. They mainly work in small-scale prototypes and really implicate all aspects like materiality / structure / fabrication. I think you get introduced to great tools there and somehow stick within reality and actually physically do one to one scaled stuff. On the other hand I think their approach goes not really beyond the pavillon, so you focus really intense about structures but maybe don't make the jump to actual Buildings ( maybe comparable to the AA EmTECH program ). 

I think the CITA program at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts is very similar to the ITECH program in Stuttgart. They also focus a lot on digital fabrication and small prototypes, although I have the impression that they are a bit more artistic and fantasy / robtotic- affine and Bartlett-influenced because of the staff. That they have their own Master is also totally new and I have a bit the impression that it is not that worked out or thought through as the counterpart in Stuttgart and they probably have the least reputation out of these three. 


I have to make my decision very soon and although as you can see informed myself quite well don't have clue on where to go.  So I appreciate any comment and maybe there are some former/future students who can post their view. Also I would be very interested on how future job opportunities / fields with those degrees could look like.

Thank you very much ... 

Jun 30, 13 11:55 pm

nobody ...  ? 

Jul 3, 13 1:40 pm

Hi boone, I probably will pursue ITECH program in Stuttgart starting next October.

I totally agree with your opinions, I choose ITECH especially for their “scientific approach” to digital realm and the opportunity to develop an overall theoretical knowledge along with practical ones related to physical construction.
Furthermore I’m really interested in their interdisciplinary and experiment-based profile.

As you said Die Angewandte is too much fantasy-like  and form-driven. Surely they made “cool stuff”, definitely well exihibited, but I don’t believe you could become a “complete” architect pursuing their master, since they lack of the pragmatism related to factually building something up (material, structure, fabrication etc..)

Let me know what you decide, maybe we could end up in the same class ;)

Jul 8, 13 2:49 pm
Paulo Carvalho

First congratulations Boone to Have Been accepted in these universities.

Such as Giulios said, I also recommend the ITECH. In my point of view ICD has the complete structure of a master course , from concept to methodology and application , Especially if you are interested in the integration of biology in architecture and digital fabrication processes, which I personally think it's great in this master.

I will apply for the next semester 2015.2016 and was looking for some experience about the master with someone who has Attended , but thanks for you information and i hope to be accepted and be able to find you both there. Good luck guys!

Aug 20, 15 6:29 pm

Definitely ITECH.

Aug 21, 15 6:01 am

Hi Boone,

I attended the KA in Copenhagen and did a few workshops with CITA (before they had their own masters). My partner also studied there and worked quite a lot with students and instructors from the Bartlett. While the work they did was sometimes visually interesting, it was not really founded on any real purpose and the result of the works really varied depending on how good you were with programming in arduino.

I can say that in general their masters programs were really disorganized, however I graduated in 2011 and things might have changed since then. 

Aug 21, 15 9:47 am

ITECH definately.

Nov 5, 16 11:57 pm

^ I think he might have graduated already

Nov 6, 16 1:29 am

can't you share your porftolio with the rest? i am so interested to see it :D

Nov 7, 16 10:48 am

^'d like that wouldn't you? Ffs it isn't that difficult to conduct a quick search on issuu/cargocollective/behance...

Nov 7, 16 10:51 am

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