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I'm from Ukraine and applying to MArch Architecture in Bartlett, but worrying about the success of my application. I have two referees, who will recommend me (hopefully)), ukrainian Specialist diploma, which is a requirement in UCL for ukrainians, IELTS 7.5. Here is my portfolio

The official deadline in UCL is on August the 2nd, but for MArch course they recommend to apply by June 28th as the course is extremely popular. My application was submited on June 27th.

What do you think my chances to get into Bartlett this year?


And maybe you know any universities with open deadlines where I can apply in case UCL won't accept me?


Thanks in advance

Jun 30, 13 1:44 pm

hello vitaliy!

I just had a quick glimpse of your portfolio. It is really good overall! I really like the balance between diagrams, renderings and drawings. I would say that the amount of text is ok but there are some drawbacks too:

1) I don't really like that its project doesn't have its own "space". I mean with a rough first look I can't understand where each project ends and the next starts. Keep it simple and make that clear

2) I think you should also be a little more creative about the way you put your text at each page. It is always in the same place, a little bit boring (no offense)

3) I don't also see the point in creating a section at your portfolio calling it ironic photography! You may have a page showing your photography skills but why showing photos like these?

Please don't take anything I said as an offense. I really think that you have a good chance of ending up with a successful application and I wish you the best

Jun 30, 13 4:47 pm  · 

Hi begemotv - Assume its the 1 year MArch not the 2 Year.

Its pretty late to apply so think that's your only difficulty.  I think all other 1 year courses in the UK are open so perhaps you need to apply with a back up - As you need a visa most Unis won't offer you a place later than 20th or so July

Jun 30, 13 5:36 pm  · 

To geo90,

I really do appreciate your points and it's a shame that I can't change anything in this portfolio. I probably should have posted it here before submitting. But that will help for the future, so thank you!

About ironic photography. The text in that chapter might explain why I made it ths way. But in short thats a little bit of humour in the end+composition of the photo. Probably architectural photo will better suit to architectural portfolio, but thats my hobby)


Don't really understand the thing about the first and second year courses. I thought that in UK you can apply only for the first year. Am I mistaken?

Jul 1, 13 4:39 am  · 

Hi Begemotv

If you are applying for the MArch RIBA Part II [a 2 year programme] you most likely will not get in - those courses across the UK fill up pretty quick and Bartlett is high on the list for most uk students who often do their year out in london and want to stay on at the bartlett.. This is the professional route.

Bartlett has a 1 year MArch also which is a high standard but is more experimental and does not lead to professional licensing. Thats the one I assume you applied to.

Jul 1, 13 5:28 am  · 

I teach at a UK school and we closed our applications to the 2-year part II 2 months ago - assume Bartlett is the same.  

Jul 1, 13 5:29 am  · 

Ok, now I got what you mean. Maybe if thats possible you can advise me which way to choose, assuming I won't gett an offer from Bartlett:

1)apply to another less rated universities, where possibly places are left (2 year MArch)

2)apply for 1 year MArch

3)continue working as an architect in Ukraine and apply next year

If you can advise, that will be really helpful!

Jul 1, 13 6:19 am  · 

I think that the best way for you to succeed is to wait for a year, choose very carefully the program you are interested in and tailor your portfolio to the application so you are 99% sure you are going to be accepted! But remember, when you choose the program you are applying you have to know where this path is going to get you (as a job)! 


Wish you best of luck on whatever you decide

ps (good architecture programs in the uk: Manchester School of Architecture, Cardiff University, Newcastle University, Sheffield, UCL, Architectural Association, University of Liverpool)

Jul 1, 13 7:39 am  · 

begemotv -

I just looked at your portfolio and don't think you would be offered a place on a Part II course as it stands at the bartlett - it is equivalent to a UK 2.2 quality so bartlett is very selective about who they allow into the course without a part I.

You cannot apply directly to the AA either for the DipArch as they require you to get your Part I by July prior to when you start.  They may offer you a place but the last year of intermediate - not all Unis allow entry into Part II without Part I. 

I don't agree with geo90's list particularly Manchester and Liverpool - sort of the same old same old.  Look here. There are many great schools in the UK - You might also consider London Met who just opened a program in Moscow - might work with your language skills.

Job prospects should not be sole the sole basis of picking a Uni - why bother then - just go to some training course - student individual skills and relevance of what they are studying and their personal passion and criticality are far more important on landing that first job and being in control of how they shape their career journey.

Northern schools struggle due to remoteness of younger creative practitioners that schools within an hour of london or london can offer.  For a student who needs a visa to work after uni it is tough going at this time, however whose to say what will happen in 2 years.

Jul 1, 13 12:12 pm  · 


thanks for good piece of advice!


thanks for being honest with me. if that''s not too much complicated, can you explain how you understood that "it is equivalent to a UK 2.2 quality". it was kind of riddle for me how to understand what class of degree am I holding. Ukraine doesn't have this kind of classification.

And you mentioned Moscow and London Metropolitan Uni (which is based in school called MARCH). Honestly, I do like their course, but what stops me is Moscow itself. If you have been there you might understand what i mean.

What you think about Dutch unis like TU Delft and others? As I did my A-levels in UK I'm passionate about this country. But should I consider any other countries where I can study in English if I don't have many chances to get into top unis in UK. Or I still can improve my  portfolio and CV and therefore my chances for successful application?

Jul 3, 13 6:24 am  · 


I did the Bartlett avatar masters programme (now known as GAD), and from what I understand its about 700-800 applicants so your portfolio will be scanned real quick.

I know the people who go through the applicants (or rather went through as everything's probably changed) and they do accept portfolios from all over the map, and very different skill levels. I would put less text in your portfolio as nobody will read it, and instead make your most powerful images stand out more. You do have a good chance, its worth giving it a shot.

Jul 4, 13 7:20 am  · 

Hi begemotv,

As you will pay international fees, many UK schools [outside a few] will offer you a place in their part II - you can try London Met also.  

I look at Portfolios from Part I students for Part II enrolment and so this is just a judgement call on my part - It is much easier to get into the 1 year programme at the Bartlett as it is not professionally qualified -

UK awards right now give 1st degree to students who achieve +70% overall[A], 60-69%: 2.1 Class award[B+] and 50-59% 2.2 class award[B] and 40-49% 3rd class award [C].

Agree, less text.

Jul 4, 13 12:28 pm  · 

Thank you guys! I will consider everything that is written here. Hope dies last) In other case I have a plan how to spend the following year before another application.

Jul 6, 13 2:17 pm  · 

Hi my name is Natasha ;
I study architecture at the University of Western Australia and Im currently going to be graduating in June 2014 next year 
I will be completed 3 years undergrad and want to apply for the MArch in Bartlett
I have hopes of applying to the Bartlett next year around January through my agent to UCL
I was just wondering if I have any chances at all to apply-my tutors all told me I should for postgraduate but I know its extremely competitive

Here is my website : but I obviously need to compile it into a book and send it off
I have a very strong fine arts background so maybe they might take that into consideration; I work as a graphic designer for a firm here but I think they would like it if they saw I worked for an architecture firm; I plan to visit Masdar in UAE which is a project with Fosters+Partners so I might apply for a internship there or couple big architectural practices in dubai
I am in the process of opening up my own website etc too but this is all the basic stuff I've done since I was in high school up to University 
I was also wondering how can you make your portfolio stand out from the rest? make a movie? Pop up book concept? Any ideas would be so awesome because I'm very into experimental architecture and concepts 

What other good architecture Unis in UK would be good to apply (as a backup if i dont get into the Bartlett)? In terms of opportunites to work and which are competitive too?

Kind regards,

Nov 23, 13 3:03 am  · 


I wanted to know if it is possible to get a job in UK after doing M.Arch Urban Design course from Bartlett as this course is only a year long course.

Also is it hard to get into Bartlett B-Pro course?

Hope someone will be able to help me with my query.

Apr 5, 21 3:42 pm  · 

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