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Hi Everybody,

   I have a BSc. in Agricultural Engineering, but my passion is architecture. i have a certificate in fine art and i spend much of my time painting and making interior designs i also do Autocad drafting. I am sooooo   passionate about Architecture.

my question is can i do my Masters in architecture? 

Jun 27, 13 10:00 am

if you want.  masters of architect programs tend to have an option for people with non-architect undergrad degrees.

Jun 27, 13 10:38 am

You can do a stretch version of the M.Arch. offered at certain schools.  You must assemble a portfolio by looking for the school's guidelines and examples of successful portfolios.  A BS in Ag. Eng. shows you can do some serious work, so that's good.  You'll also have to take a GRE (no big deal), write an essay, and get a few recommendations.

The last step prior to applying is trying to decipher which M.Arch. program is good for you.  Some fit like a glove, others like a mitt.

And, while I'm not being critical, you need to come off as more serious about it than in your first post, avoiding words like passionate and coming off as starry eyed, because it's not like that, either in school or in practice.  Also, realize that architecture is not art school.  It's the meeting point between art and building science, so if the technical aspects of construction aren't interesting to you, then something like landscape architecture or interior design might be better suited to you.

Jun 27, 13 12:45 pm

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