floating cities


floating houses have been discussed before on archinect, but floating cities is a new twist on this topic.

as heard on NPR, a dutch architect has sold the UAE on a vision of floating cities since there is no longer enough sand to build real islands like the Palm or the World.

while the architecture is sexy, is this really the future of human habitation or is this concept just going to end up like the worst kevin costner film?

Another dutch website floating cities has an intriguing post industrial scheme for dealing with rising sea level.
from a recent RIBA competition. then there are all the monumental tidal/flood barriers being constructed to keep coastal cities from flooding from the netherlands, london, to venice, maybe floating cities makes sense.

the floating pool made it's debut in NY last summer, and there are many floating night clubs...

Apr 21, 08 11:55 am
while the architecture is sexy, is this really the future of human habitation

HAHAHAHA I'm pretty sure that 1st image is some kind of glass buttplug. REminds me of this old thread.

Apr 21, 08 12:04 pm

right now, all i want is a floating settee

Apr 22, 08 8:00 pm

Sorry about de-railing this one the other day. I was a little sleep deprived and should not have been posting.

Apr 22, 08 11:20 pm

I know someone who has done a studio on a development in Nigeria called Makoko, its a local Lagos area and its quite fascinating, and to me a bit depressing but nevertheless,,1430810,00.html

the visuals are quite stunning here however she has had a friend take photos from the area which were even more vivid

i can send the *.kmz for a google earth link if anyone is interested, the aerials are absolutely amazing if anyone can find them

Apr 23, 08 9:59 am

how about this, I think its dead in the water though (pun intended) it looks like the last "news" was from 05, its ugly as sin too. but it does bring up some interesting topics about international sovereignty

Apr 25, 08 7:20 pm
Joshi Pooja

Hello treekiller,

First of all really thanks a lot for shairng really very nice and awesome information you share here. I read your entire post and really eye catching photos of floating city. Mind blowing info you share here. Thanks for it.

Dec 29, 09 5:47 am

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