I read an Ad in a mag which has a title of : "ARE U A PROBLEM SOLVER OR A SOLUTION FINDER?"... that question is hard for me to answer...anyone can help with the difference between them?
i have a primary idea: maybe problem solver is the one who solve current problem,,and solution finder is the one who solves future expected problems..just a plz.

Apr 18, 08 6:46 pm

on the surface, a solution finder (at least to me) doesn't always fix the original problem whereas a problem solver resolves the underlying issue (the problem).

There can be multiple solutions to one problem, but only one problem to solve.

Apr 18, 08 7:15 pm

is the glass half empty or half full?

Apr 18, 08 7:56 pm

let me ask my consultant...

Apr 18, 08 10:03 pm

see, i always hated problem solvers, it implies a certain linear logic - which i abhor. whenever prof's in school referred to "design problems" i always thought they were assuming that there was a"correct" answer. i always chose to re-frame the issue as a challenge or opportunity. solution finder seems to fit my general vision of architectural issues.

Apr 18, 08 10:05 pm

I'm a problem finder.

Apr 18, 08 10:22 pm

a solution finder- find the solution but not necessary fix the shit for u.

problem solver- the guy who actually fix the shit for u.

(i guess)

Apr 18, 08 10:34 pm

i think afrdzk got it right, a problem solver is a someone who fixes problems long term whereas a solution finder is someone who does a quick patch...

then again, what the hell do i know

Apr 18, 08 10:47 pm

none of us know shit

Apr 18, 08 10:48 pm

more people are troublemakers.

let me ask my consultant...
problem: u haff 2 much money.
solooshun: u write beeg check to me

Apr 19, 08 12:09 pm

which came 1st, da chikken or de eggx?

you were reading an ad.
solution: don't read ads. :·P

Apr 19, 08 12:16 pm

architects are solution solver- only solve things that had already been solved.

Apr 19, 08 2:14 pm

I once over heard a boss say to an employee: 'I don't want to hear what we can't do. Stop causing problems, I'm the one that's supposed to cause problems, you're supposed to solve them.'

I actually thought it was a pretty effective management strategy.

Apr 19, 08 2:23 pm

I could picture Michael Scott from the Office asking this question of himself?

Apr 20, 08 3:32 pm

I am a problem finder---- which makes people dislike me ALOT! People, what's wrong with you guys? Or should I say, what's wrong with myself?

Apr 21, 08 5:33 am

I am a problem finder---- which makes people dislike me ALOT! People, what's wrong with you guys? Or should I say, what's wrong with myself?

Apr 21, 08 5:33 am

every problem started out as a solution.

Apr 21, 08 8:43 am


"solutions that nobody wants to problems that don't exist"

Apr 21, 08 10:46 am

Have a look at the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI and other personality trait standards.

Be aware though of the concepts of Reversal Theory. The wiki page linked doesn't really do it justice, but in essence, it means that your personality is not some internalised brick. It is fluid, not just throughout life, but in the course of a year, a day, a second, and it is that fluidity that is important. The ability to adjust your (self and your) position to the situation.

This could easily link to the never-ending discussion of Intelligence. Try Sternberg, and Gardner for some interesting and fairly valid frameworks.

Apr 21, 08 8:10 pm
cj w.

I think a problem solver is specific
a solution finder is generic

Apr 23, 08 7:41 am

congrats , you found the solution to the problem


uhhhhh what 

Jan 31, 20 1:04 am

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