when's the most suitable to do an M Arch II


just wanted to hear people's opinions about when the best time would be in one's life to choose to do an M Arch II. Been considering this for some time now and can quite to find a clear answer.

Anyway, been talking to people about this and some have said that it's best to wait until you're older and wiser and have a clearer idea about what you want to get out of your post professional degree and others have said that it's best to do it as a continuation of your education and not wait until you're almost 30. Obviously an M Arch II is a substantial investment both time wise and financially, so just wanted to hear everyone's opinions or if people have also felt the same question.

*just for background I've completed by M Arch I equivalent and been out of school for about 2 years now, currently working in a small/medium practice in China. I didn't attend the most prestigious school though I'd like to think I made the most out of it and have a pretty good portfolio of projects to show for it. However I do feel the desire to push myself further and be challenged more (feels like there's some unfinished business left over from my studies that I'd like to attend to if you know what i mean). The practice where I'm working currently is one of a few young emerging practices in China. I've learnt a great deal since working here and starting to take on more responsibilities. However, I have a feeling that it might not actually be a good thing to take on so much so quickly. I suppose there's a mixture of reasons behind my question ranging from the desire to be challenged more to the desire to expand one's range of architectural thinking before getting too much into the practice of it.

May 19, 13 9:31 am

Do it if you're having trouble getting employed.. that's what many seems to do :) 

May 19, 13 7:27 pm

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