Help regarding admissions in Italy.


I am a current 4th year student of architecture in India, i wish to pursue my masters degree at IUAV, Venice. Can anyone tell me about the requirements for eligibility and process of application for the university? Also any other schools offering a graduate program in architectural conservation? Thank you!!

May 16, 13 10:40 am

I can and I can't.  Italian universities are weird.  Some of the household names like Bologna and Firenze used to be places where you'd just sign up (the Italians use the term "enroll," and not "be admitted").  They let everyone in and then weed you out.  Now, at last, they use a test to determine whether someone is admittance worthy.  They copy the Americans, eventually, on the practical things.  They copy the Americans, immediately, on the negative things proffered by mass media.  I'm sure Venice would be appropriate for preservation, as would be Rome (LaSapienza), but you can look into that.  Keep in mind that architectural schools in Italy are factories - I went through the department in Torino while visiting the city and a professor I struck up a conversation with told me of the enrollment, and I about keeled over.  In the U.S., once the ENTIRE architecture program(s) hit an enrollment of 800, they are considered big and not places to get the attention one needs.  I love Italy, to go visit, but to be a student there, no thanks.  Come to the States!

May 17, 13 1:10 pm

Thank you!!

i am also trying at the university of southern california and university of florida. though i wish to study the course from venice :)

May 18, 13 12:55 am

run Patrick run!

May 18, 13 1:26 am


He's already into his 4th year of architecture in his home country, so it looks like he digs it if he wants to keep on going.

Oh well, different strokes ...

May 18, 13 12:25 pm

Hi everyone;

I  completed my B.Arch(5 Years) course in early 2013 in Hyderabad(INDIA) and i have 1 year experience in architectural heritage conservation firm. I'm planning to do a M.Arch course in Architectural restoration/conservation in Italy. I need help finding a suitable university that offers this course. Please help! 

Thank you.

May 8, 14 2:23 am

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