the university of waterloo

Yueyan Lee

I'm so happy that l'v been admitted to UW. I REALLY want to know , is there anyone who decides to go to UW as well? looking forward to receiving messages from you!

May 14, 13 9:44 am

where is this school?  France?  never heard of it

May 15, 13 7:30 pm

Apologies if that was a joke, but wouldn't it have been just as quick to simply google it?

It's in Canada. In a shitty little city called Cambridge (itself a suburb of the larger urban conglomeration of Kitchener-Waterloo, from which the uni gets its name). It's regarded probably as Canada's most practice-oriented school of architecture and many of its instructors and alumni are rooted in the industry in nearby Toronto.

May 16, 13 10:11 am

I also got into waterloo, but i am leaning towards UofT simply because i hate the location lol, I don't know which to go to

Apr 30, 16 9:34 pm
Non Sequitur
Toronto for undergrad is a terrible idea. Waterloo is the top program without argument in Canada. You'd be a fool to pick a non architecture school over this.
May 1, 16 8:08 am
Ive worked with/working with many current students/graduates from waterloo. All theyve ever told me is cambridge is super dead and they eat buns for dinner sometimes because they cant really buy food. Start learning some insane quick and delicious dishes!

@favour1998 that is the worst decision ever lol. If you care about location (like many other students) Ryerson is a better choice. Carleton is also good but ottawa is also dead... Less dead than waterloo tho
May 4, 16 11:45 pm

haha, thanks, I'll probably accept the waterloo offer @MinimalCrazy

May 4, 16 11:57 pm
@favour good choice! A lot of people take uoft for "name" but they dont know how bad it is!! People who are in the undergrad either regret it really bad or transfer during those years
May 5, 16 12:09 am

Exactly what I've been hearing! Thanks a lot @MinimalCrazy and @Non Sequitur for your inputs and help! 

May 5, 16 12:57 am
Non Sequitur
Oye, glad to help.
May 5, 16 7:03 am

I was just in Cambridge last weekend and went to this surprisingly good cafe:

Small towns are where it's at, especially if you're studying architecture. You'll have no time for concerts, plays, art shows, parties, or friendship anyways and you'll just get frustrated and depressed knowing all the cool stuff around that you can't be a part of.

Plus, who can afford to rent in Toronto anymore? My cousin works at UPS and rents this amazing apartment in a renovated historic Victorian mansion in Galt for like $500/month that would run upwards of $2250 in Toronto.

Also, their arch studios look like they are in way better condition (read: have operable windows) than U of T whose new building by NADAA is going to be done never.

May 5, 16 11:51 am

yes, I think Cambridge or more specifically Galt has come quite a way from 10 years ago when the school first moved their campus there.  There has been so much positive changes and development in that area. I'd pick to live there any day over the crazy crowd in Toronto.  People say Galt is dead with nothing happening.  Truth is its not like one will be partying every day or weekend especially when you're in architecture school.  Most places is just a few minutes drive or bus ride away.  Toronto only ah hour bus ride away. 

May 5, 16 5:21 pm

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