Rhino model is slow, any remedy?


I have built a model using block x-reffed in from smaller files, so my model is pretty small, about 8 or 9 megs, but my model is moving excruciatingly slow despite this as i try to navigate the work space. i don't really know how else to describe the situation (i am an undergrad student), but my model constantly crashes because "windows has run out of memory," etc despite the file itself not really being that large. is it just that i am using a lot of repetitive parts? also, i get messages about meshes, and i am pretty sure my model shouldn't be a mesh.

anyway, i know this isn't a very specific question and i lack a lot of knowledge about rhino, but i just don't really know why this model is so slow. i have built more complicated things than this before in rhino and the model hasn't been nearly as bad.

also, after inserting a block instance into the model, i can just copy that instance around, rather than re-inserting everytime, right? i am just trying to figure out reasons it's so slow and crashing.

Mar 19, 08 1:28 pm

Hmm, only thing I can think about is your video card may not have the oomph (ram, chipset, software, etc.) to render frames of it quickly in the workspace hence it will petition your system for help and you will run out of ram. This happens frequently enough with large models and high polycounts. My best advice is to run it in wire frame which always helps. Also try running your system with all background apps turned off, go into MSCONFIG, go into startup and turn all your start-up apps off. This will free up as much ram and CPU as possible.

If you've set up your components in other files and all you need to do is render, turn as many layers off as you can to set up your shot. Keep basic massing, but turn all the rest off completely. When you have your shot angle, turn everything back on then render.

If that doesn't work, you can always save your file as an .IGES or .3ds and then run it in Max on a stronger rig which you may have access to at school/work.

Mar 19, 08 1:45 pm  · 


use a lower mesh setting

ask on the newsgroup

Mar 19, 08 3:01 pm  · 

first check to find your model's placement in comparison to units, especially if your x-ref-ing [word?]...move your model to 0,0,0...any 3D information that is at like 4billion units in the x direction will cause your computer to get funky.

second run a SelMesh command and find any mesh's you may have. Mesh's reduce file size, so they shouldn't be a problem. If you want to convert the mesh to nurbs, run MeshToNurb

Lastly, Rhino is horrible at handling block instances. I run on a really high end machine and rhino still hates blocks. Best thing to do is to create a layer called something like 'Work Points'. Place a point like an insertion point on to the block. Explode the block. Group everything in that block with the work point. Turn off all the layers except the work point. Now when you move the point, the rest of the block will move with it since all the objets are grouped.

Mar 19, 08 3:30 pm  · 

I sometimes have the same problem when I import anything from any other software.. I usually turn off the layers of the imported objects... after turning off those layers everything seems to run great. If i brought something in to reference off for modeiling, I usually delete the refernce files after i am done with it. The imported blocks and objects dont seem to ever run properly with rhino.

Mar 19, 08 8:17 pm  · 

another thing if you work on your files in wireframe mode, your system will process the files faster and it will become easier to handle, I know there are times that wireframe becomes too difficult to read, but with enoguh practice it becomes easier and you will find yourself being able to read the the matrix...

Mar 19, 08 8:25 pm  · 

Turn off layers with meshes until you need them.

Mar 22, 08 3:05 am  · 

biggest difference: make sure that all the boxes are unchecked in the open gl tab of the display options

Mar 22, 08 4:41 pm  · 

what is gl tab ?

Jun 10, 17 10:12 pm  · 

Kylemiller....that gl tab suggestion saved the day. THANK YOU MY HERO.

Oct 24, 16 11:19 am  · 

what is gl tab

Jun 10, 17 10:12 pm  · 

Kylemiller thank you so much.

Oct 30, 17 8:21 pm  · 
Have you tried turning it off and on?
Nov 2, 17 12:51 pm  · 

Use wireframe mode

Nov 2, 17 4:20 pm  · 

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