GSD/Cooper acceptance rates?


Does anyone know where I can find statistics on acceptance rates for the GSD, by degree? I found one for Columbia, broken down by degree program, but can't seem to find something similar for Harvard.

Anyone know? TIA ya'll!!!!!!

And while we're on the topic, does anyone know specifically the acceptance rate of transfer applicants into Cooper Union? I can find first-year data and number of transfer's accepted, but I am specifically looking for the percentage of transfer's accepted relative to those who applied specifically as transfers. (Hope that makes sense)

Mar 18, 08 2:20 pm
MArch n' unemployed

they always say that if you have to ask the price, you can't afford it...i think that transfers well here

Mar 18, 08 4:30 pm

I had heard it at some point, but can't remember exactly. So hopefully this is close:

MArch I - 20%
MArch I AP - 5%
MArch II - 5%

Mar 18, 08 4:56 pm

thanx yo!

Mar 18, 08 5:02 pm

Please excuse me, I'm new to this site. What does GSD stand for?

Also to the original poster, can you post up the rates for Columbia?

Mar 18, 08 7:19 pm

It stands for 'Graduate School of Design' and refers to Harvard's GSD.

I found the Columbia stats at:

Hope that helps!!

Mar 18, 08 7:39 pm

MArch II acceptance rate at GSD is definitely much MUCH higher than 5%. Because for a class of 35-40 people this gives around...750ish applications for one post-prof program alone which is a rather extraordinary number even for Harvard. Then again you never know...

Mar 18, 08 8:01 pm

Seriously, if you put this same effort into your portfolio, you can be one of the 8-10 % who get into GSD or CU, so really why bother if it's like 6% or 10 %, you'll get in where ever you want if you're good enough,
good luck ;)

Mar 19, 08 8:00 am

Probably more like 20%...if I were to make an educated guess I would assume no more then 300 apps. ( considering that Columbia’s AAD program last year had 246 apps, assume most people applying to Columbia are going to take a shot at the GSD) if GSD admits 50 students 40 accept.. 16% --? Just thinking outloud!

Mar 19, 08 12:32 pm

thanks ya'll!!

Mar 19, 08 2:10 pm

uhhhhh, did you ever find out how many transfer students are accepted?

Dec 15, 09 3:19 am

Unless it has changed, the MArch II incoming class is way below 35-40... try 12-20

Dec 15, 09 11:45 am

when i was on the selection committee at the gsd (longish time ago), for the m.archII, we had 250ish applications for 22-25 slots. so, i'm buying closer to the 12-20 number.

Dec 15, 09 12:57 pm

sorry, i meant transfer % at cooper for b.arch!

Dec 15, 09 1:02 pm

you can find stats at The data reported to NAAB is more accurate than the data advertised by the schools.

you can find charts of these stats at; look for the Request for Information in the Documents area.

Dec 15, 09 10:25 pm

Hope this helps :

About 15% of applicants to the MArch I program at GSD are accepted for an incoming class of about 50-60 students.

...if you do your maths, you'd realise that the no. of applicants works out to be around 400 ! So if you do get into GSD, you are remarkable. I decided agst applying to GSD as the curriculum does not quite fit what I am looking for, though yes, I do have some regrets about not being able to attend a prestigious institution like Harvard.

Dec 16, 09 12:41 am

Where are the stats on the NAAB site? I found a lot of information but didn't see any documents containing acceptance rates.

Dec 16, 09 2:01 am

there should probably be more than 400 applicants since not everyone accepted would enroll in GSD

every year a lot of people got accepted to a number of schools at the same time. These folks might be more interested in MIT, princeton or columbia

just a guess: the final enrollment is about half of the acceptance

Dec 16, 09 2:20 am

Oops, saw that but didn't notice the other tables I was looking for. Thanks!

I'm sure there isn't a statistic but I'd be interested to hear how many people apply to multiple MArch programs. What exia said seems reasonable, but I don't know anyone personally who applied to more than one school (I suppose it was more of a get into THE school you like or just keep working deal).

Dec 16, 09 11:35 am

page 2 of my RFI shows the acceptance/enrollment ratios

Dec 16, 09 12:38 pm

These 2 years have seen an almost 50% increase in applications at the GSD due to the economy, so it is a lot more competitive recently. Although I don't think it's down to 5%, more like somewhere around 8%.

Class sizes vary depending on how many actually accept; My MArch II class (accepted 2007) had 28, next years had 36 I think, the newest class is around 30 also.

Dec 16, 09 11:30 pm

Balagan -- Do you know how many graduate in proportion to how many enroll each year?

Dec 16, 09 11:32 pm

Generally the post-pro programs most everyone graduates.

The MArch I program probably lose around 5-6 each year, which is where the school makes up the numbers with the MAch I APs. It's more people dropping out, deciding architecture is not for them, and external reasons than being flunked or anything though.

Dec 21, 09 10:30 am

This is GSD's fact book that includes admission rates and yield rates for the past 10 years. Hope this helps.

Jan 3, 20 10:24 am

I suspect the people asking for this information in 2009 have long since found their answers, graduated, become disillusioned with the profession, gone into real-estate or opened some restaurants...


LOL oops I didn't notice the year, this is amazing


Thanks for sharing, higher than expected tbh

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