McGill or Waterloo?


I am also awaiting a reply from Carleton.

May 10, 08 6:02 pm

Offers have been sent out on CC, but waitlist we'll find out in the mail

May 10, 08 6:23 pm

i just got a snailmail from waterloo saying i got rejected :(
but how come it still doesnt say anything on OUAC?
(i cannot log onto quest since i forgot my password)

I like how this thread is turning into a general canadian arch. discussion :p
i think i'll be going to mcgill arch in september, im sure the program is not that much worse than waterloo's coop
kinda glad that i didnt spend the time working on carleton's portfolio (i gave up halfway, and didnt sumbit a portfolio) since their program is very artsy

Im soooo looking forward to my next yr at mcgill!!!!!!
anyone who got in - msg me!!!

May 10, 08 9:41 pm

Fyi, if nothing shows up on OUAC its a rejection, if u don't get in they leave it blank, did u get the alternate offer from waterloo, in Planning? I think I might take it

May 10, 08 9:44 pm

i applied to another program at waterloo as a backup, so i think that's why they didnt offer me alternative planning program.

i dont plan to go into waterloo planning over mcgill arch, so.

May 10, 08 9:46 pm

Yeah I wouldn't either, didn't get into any arch schools might b on carletons waitlist but I'm not holding onto anyhopes, so I'm either doing actuarial science at UW, law at CU or planning at UW which is deff first on my list since its closer to arch then law, hopefully I can tranfer but if not I like the description they're giving me of planning, I work in a construction office and love when my dad drags me to the different building sites so who knows, maybe its for the best

May 10, 08 9:50 pm

well u shouldnt always count on transfer, pick which ever u like the best, and just see how it turns out.
if u picked something solely in hope to transfer to arch. later, then u'll be miserable if u can't transfer

so the best of luck to you

May 10, 08 9:58 pm

Yeah I know that much, but that's wat I meant about planning, ya I could be an awesome lawyer but I hate writing essays and anything for that matter so its probly not for me, thru planning I can stream in urban design, take a business option with Wilfred Laurier University(in which my brother is VP of the student union) and also take a year abroad at Oxford in the UK, I was really set on going to CU for law cuz my friends are all up there but planning seems like the better option for me and that's why ill probly take it, even tho I HATE living 5 minutes from the campus but. I demand residense 1st year from my parents if I stick in Waterloo lol

May 10, 08 10:03 pm

haha i probably would've picked law too if i dont have to write that much stuff
well i guess in that case, urban planning sounds like the perfect option for u

May 10, 08 10:16 pm

Yeah tho harvard and yale sound pretty promising for law... Lol I just gotta work up the guts to tell my bestfriend I won't be up in ottawa with her next year, which means another 3/4 years 6 hours apart which sucks but hey gotta do what I'm going to enjoy

May 10, 08 10:19 pm

Im on the McGill arch waiting list... If I don't get in because based off the waiting list Ill do a year of civil at McGill because they have pretty much the exact same courses, then transfer into architecture

May 11, 08 1:22 am

ThomasK: i remember u had 94 ave right? then u'll probably get in soon.
do they tell u how many ppl are on the waiting list, and what number u r?
i guess i'll see u whether u got in to arch, or do civil
u can facebook me@

May 11, 08 1:30 am


I am currently taking IB (international baccalaureate), which is kind of like AP but extra... in grade 11 and my average is approximately 95%. I am interested in McGill, Waterloo, U of T, Carleton, and Ryerson Uni, but I don't know if I am capable of having a chance at it. As a student who have some time to prepare for applications, what should I do to increase my chances? I tried making ceramic models and sketched landscapes. But personally, I don't know if that is enough. Any suggestions, for example, a program I can apply to?

Apr 11, 19 11:17 pm
Non Sequitur

First, use the search option in the forums. You'll find plenty of other discussions, many on Canadian universities, and what to include for portfolio. This is a 11 year old thread. 

Second, Waterloo is the best architecture undergrad program in canada with McGill coming in 2nd. Skip toronto & Ry, specially if you have top grades. 

Third, undergrad application portfolios care about your thought process and how you handle the basics of design (scale, proportions, light, shadow, composition, etc). Learning free-hand sketching is a great way as is most 3D mediums. Bullshit hobbies like high-school photography needs to be avoided unless you're a published photographer. 

Fourth, go to each university's open house and ask current students and faculty in person. This is the best way to gauge if arch school is right for you because having a 95% in high school means fuck-all in architecture studio.


that was a very fast reply... I didn't expect that.


Thank you sooo much for the comment, and I will definitely take your advice!

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