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Hi, i am a junior salvadorean architect. I hold a dual degree en Architecture and urbanism with 3 years of international experience ( El Salvador, Costa Rica and China). I am looking forward to obtain a paid internship in a european company/ studio.

I would like to know wich architecture companies are recuiting the most foreign interns currently. In wich companies and countries i have the chance to get the best remuneration and experience considering my educational and profesional background. And the ebst periods to apply fir this

Thank you

Apr 30, 13 2:00 am


There are very few firms (maybe none) that 'recruit' foreign employees. Especially at this time when so many young architects are unemployed in Europe. I worked in Berlin the last 1.5 years and can tell you the competition for shitty, unpaid work is severe. There are lots of grads from all over the European Union looking for a position, and they have 2 important things that you don't: degree equivalency and the right to work anywhere in the EU.

By the sounds of things, you aren't an intern in the European sense. An intern in Europe is still a student who usually only gets a small stipend between 400-600 eur/month, because they still receive financial assistance from the government while a student. 

You are looking (and should apply as) a junior designer or junior architect with experience, not as an intern. If you accept work like 'mini-job' or 'intern' or 'praktikum' at your level, it will just encourage architecture firms to continue devaluing graduates and pay them as students. 

By all means try to apply wherever catches your fancy, but just expect that you will spend much more money than you will make by working in Europe. 

Apr 30, 13 10:03 am

Thank you Stephanie.

I have aplied a lot in europe for a junior position since a while but no possitive answer´s arised so far, i have been trying for almost 10 months but i have only received either negative answers or not even a reply. I am finding the way to go to europe and that is why i decided to promote myself as an intern as long as i put my first step in europe. 

About degree equivalence, as you mentioned, i am about to start a master online in UK because i have also considered that inconvenient. (I decided online because i can afford it this way meanwhile i work and pay it, because i dont want to go to europe only as a student).But regarding permit work i would have to depend on the company´s invitation to tramit my visa. and that i am not sure about.

I know that taking this master would be a mistake to keep on applying for an intern possition and does not sound fear for the others but in this moment i need to find an entry to a european company.

I would highly appreciate  your help if you can provide me a few european companies where i can tempt my change because i would like to belive that for the last year i have only been applying not in the right companies.



Apr 30, 13 10:11 pm

Edgar, I'm not saying to give up, but the fact that you have no permit to work in Europe is going to make it nearly impossible for you to get any position there, even as an intern.

I was able to get work because I have a European degree and there is an agreement between Canada and Germany for young professionals to work for 1 year. If your country doesn't have a work permit / residence visa agreement with a European country, I can tell you it will be very, very hard for you.

My advice is to look somewhere else. My partner, also Canadian, had the same degree as me and never found full-time work. He did short contracts from time to time but with many periods of unemployment. It's one of the reasons we decided to move back to Canada actually.

I am sorry if this sounds harsh, but I really don't think you have a chance with no work permit. No one is going to sponsor you to come to Europe and work for them when they have hundreds of thousands of architecture grads to choose from in Europe. There is a reason you have had a lot of negative answers - there's not enough work for everyone who is already there.

Apr 30, 13 10:26 pm

Hello. i'm student of sustainable architecture and landscape design in politecnico di milano in Italy. i'm looking for a company for my internship that actually pay me for the period which i work for them. can you guide me?

Nov 3, 17 7:08 am
Non Sequitur

Have you tried applying to offices that do not rely on slaves?


Try all the offices in the EU, for starters, it's illegal to not pay interns...

Cas Esb

very annoying

Tejas Salankar

I am an Ar. From India & have completed my B.arch degree from India in2012. Have worked as a junior architect for 2 years in India. Now i I am  a practising architect, have my own designing firm in India. I would like to go for a paid internship anywhere in Europe or Uk. So can u pls guide me with it.  
Awaiting ur reply. 


Feb 9, 18 5:19 pm

You're a practising architect with your own design firm looking for an internship?

Tejas Salankar


Feb 10, 18 7:27 am

Or did you loose your job, didn't get a permanent contract, made a free portfolio website and did a remodel of your parents' kitchen or lost a competition or two three? Please correct me if I'm wrong. No practising architect, with clients and projects and everything, I've ever met was aiming so low as to pursue an internship just wherever in Euope or the UK. I wish you all the best though. Check out European architecture websites such as Dezeen for internships or more local national sites such as ArchiNed in the Netherlands that hosts job and internship offers.


Hi! I'm from Romania and I'm looking for a paid internship in europe. I have 6 years experience as an Architect, interior-exterior designer, 3D artist and CGI artist. I've made project all over the world, including 30 Nespresso Global stores. 

I'm applying for erasmus internship because i can stay only 3 moths out of the country and also eramus is giving me 1800 euros from start so i can buy airplane tickets and to find somewhere to live. (money that i don't have). 

Can some of you give me some advice? maybe suggest some architecture firms or a country? or something? :)) 

Many Thanks! 

Apr 21, 18 5:00 am

@tejas salankar Getting internships or fulltime jobs isn’t easy even for Graduates with Master’s or Ph.D in Europe. Work permit is necessary to get a work as no one going to sponsor you just for a degree from India. If you’re not ready to spend on a Master’s or have international work experience I would advice you to limit to Middle East countries or India. And you should not even call yourself an Architect outside of India because Indian licensure is pretty easy when compared to the licensure outside. Researching and talking to people will provide you the knowledge you need. Best of luck!

Apr 24, 18 8:31 pm

Hi sir 

I am a student of architecture from India ,currently i am in 4th year and searching for an internship in Europe.can you help me how to get an internship in Europe?

May 6, 18 7:53 am


Sakshi Asthana


I am an Indian with a Bachelors in Architecture from India (2015) and a Masters in Urban Design (2018) from the Cardiff University, UK. I have two years of work experience in India.

I am looking for internship/job opportunities in Europe. 

Please guide.


May 12, 18 2:55 pm

Hii, I am a fresh graduate with bachelors in architecture from India. During my internship i develop interest in urban issue , conservation and furniture. I am now a  part of Documentation 2018 - Urban Heritage Precincts of vadodara (Gujarat)by INTACH. I even supply some of the furniture pieces  i designed. I was looking for more experience in this respected field and opportunity to learn. Looking for paid-internship in Europe. 

can u suggest some architecture firm ??/ if any better regarding this field.

May 15, 18 6:23 am

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